[Review] Volume Rebonding at Picasso Hair Salon, Haji Lane, Singapore

With my naturally wavy hair, it is little wonder that I need to do hair rebonding at least once a year to keep it under control. However, since I have been doing it so frequently, I need to find a reliable hair salon to reduce the damage on my tresses.

In this post, I would like to strongly recommend you girls to Picasso Hair Studio at Haji Lane for their volume rebonding services. ❤


This hair studio is super chic looking. I love how it incorporates the “Picasso” concept in all its design elements such as the mirror mounted on an art easel stand and the colourful palettes where they clip the customers’ profiles. So creative!


I was told that the styling station is built like an art easel stand where you can imagine yourself being part of the canvas board, being transformed by the hair stylist.


Right after I sat down, a hair dresser ushered in a tray which has a towel and innisfree hand cream on it. For a moment, it felt as if I am on an SQ flight. Definitely the first time I am seeing this in local hair salons. 🙂


Thereafter, it was no surprise that the drinks menu was given to me. I chose my favourite ice lemon tea. The drink was served in an erlenmeyer flask! I am sure all science students out there (like myself) would go gaga over this – remember all the titrations we did?


Shortly after, I was introduced to my hair stylist, Carmen Chew.

Carmen is a senior hair designer with Picasso Hair Studio (Note: Tuesday is her off day!). She has 13 years of experience in this industry and was a finalist at the La Hair Competition in 2007. She has also participated in many magazines’ photo shoots.

7Carmen is really sweet and patient. Without doubt, she is extremely knowledgeable and professional too! You can just ask her any questions you have and she will get them answered.

So can you imagine I actually had a 20-minute consultation before starting the treatment? I highlighted specifically that I do not want very flat hair as that would make my face look much bigger in photos.

Based on my expectations, Carmen recommended that I do the C Curve Rebonding which is basically volume rebonding with a slight curl at the end.
8While Carmen left to make the necessary preparations, Jj helped me take some before photos of my hair. As you can see, it is really frizzy. Looks really unhealthy! 😦

9So wavy too!

Time to say goodbye to my hair – going for a wash~

12.112The hair products that they use are from the Redken extreme cat series.
13.1Carmen started by trimming my hair. I told her that I don’t mind cutting at least 3 inches off since my hair grows really fast.

Subsequently, during the process, Carmen was sure to cover my forehead with a plastic sheet so that the chemicals wouldn’t touch my skin.

For me, I was just reading magazines and playing with my phone as I was just so assured that I am in her good hands.20After exactly 4 hours, it was time to look at the final result. I was so excited when they were blow-drying my hair.


Here it is! Much straighter and shinier. ❤

26I love the little curve at the end and the fact that it is not like the usual super flat rebonding look.

Overall, I really have to highlight their great service (better than business class!) and awesome hair treatments. While I was doing my treatments, I was secretly observing how they treated other customers and the end results delivered. I saw the gorgeous co-founder Shiyun whizzing around, serving drinks and biscuits to customers, making sure that they feel comfortable in the salon. The hair stylists were all friendly and professional. Most importantly, the customers left with great hair that would certainly draw the attention of the bustling crowd along Haji Lane. 🙂

In fact, this is the best hair salon that I have ever been to. I am not the only one who has such great reviews of the salon. Just visit Picasso Hair Studio’s Facebook Page, scroll through all the comments and you will know what I mean.

Check out the promotion for their rebonding and perm packages below.


For ease of reference, here is their full price list.
40Just to share, they are strong in hair coloring too. What a pity I can’t try out the lighter shades (like the one below) cos of my current job. I would love to have blue and pink hair too!
hair dye

(Photo from their FB page)

group photo

Thank you Shiyun and Carmen for making my volume rebonding such a great experience worth sharing to all my readers! Great news, quote “Jing Ting/Tina” to enjoy 20% off any ala carte services at Picasso Hair Studio for your first visit. 
+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +
Picasso Hair Studio
Address: 39 Haji Lane, Singapore 189232
Phone: 6291 0691
Directions: By MRT – Stop at Bugis MRT (Exit B). Walk towards Raffles Hospital and keep walking until you reach the junction of North Bridge Road and Ophir Road. Cross the road diagonally and walk towards Bali Lane. Haji Lane is the next street parallel to Bali Lane.

By Car – Park at Village Hotel Bugis along North Bridge Road/The Plaza along Beach road. Cross the road before reaching Haji Lane.





13 responses to “[Review] Volume Rebonding at Picasso Hair Salon, Haji Lane, Singapore

  1. Beautiful change, Tina! I actually didn’t see anything really “wrong” with it before, but I was wowed by the difference. Awesome! They did a great job! By the way, I wish you a happy new year with your new look!! 🙂 Enjoy it!

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  3. Hi, I would like to know what kind of chemical you use for rebonding, I have experience where my hair became very coarse during shampoo and difficulty working my fingers in to shampoo my hair. It feels better only after conditioning but the coarse hair problem during shampoo persisted and i finally cut off my log.

    • Hi there! As mentioned, it is the Redken extreme cat series. I had a bad experience for rebonding before which resulted in really dry and coarse hair and later discovered that it was due to overheating. You need to find an experienced hairdresser. Really impt!

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