[Review] Misty Brow Eyebrow Embroidery with Facework Aesthetic

I have been drawing my eyebrows for the longest time ever as I disliked how sparse my eyebrows looked. Now that I am a mum, I find that I have lesser and lesser time to put on makeup and have thus decided to go for eyebrow embroidery to reduce the hassle.

After much research, I chose to do the Misty Brow, an eyebrow embroidery technique from Korea, at Facework Aesthetic.

This Misty Brow technique uses different pointer needles to create micro dots to complete the whole brow. The result is softer looking brow which is in trend now.
1Facework Aesthetic is located at Cuppage Plaza. It occupies several units and is thus, really spacious.  23
Their Creative Director is Ms Eileen Seah who has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. She was also featured in The Business Times, LianHe Zaobao and Nylon Magazine. She shared with me that she flew personally to Korea to learn this Misty Brow technique.
3.1Here’s how my drawn brows looked like.  4
My actual un-drawn brows. As you can see, my brows are not long enough and they are really patchy.
Eileen analysed my brows and explained to me how it could be corrected. Before starting the eyebrow embroidery, she trimmed my brows. 6Time for the measurements and the markings!
Then, Eileen drew out the shape for me to see before starting with the procedure.
Tadaa! Can you imagine? There is so much to correct. Honestly, as this was my first eyebrow embroidery experience, I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, Eileen guided me along and explained all the steps clearly.
Once I gave the green light, it was time to apply the numbing cream. It would take around 40 mins to take effect and I decided to catch a much needed nap.
10When the time was up, the final step would be the inking process.
Facework Aesthetic uses BioTouch Pigment which absorbs into the skin much more effectively, resulting in less fading and truer colour.
Eileen applied the pigment on my brows using the special dual needle. It was generally painless as numbing cream was applied. For parts where I felt some discomfort, Eileen re-applied the numbing cream again.
This is how my brows looked after the Misty Brow session. It can last around 2 years with retouch. I did not opt for retouch as I felt that it was a little pricey.
I like how symmetrical it looks but it got me a few days to get used to the dark eyebrows. ^^
During the session, I was constantly reminded that I need to take good care of my brows for one month and I was sent this cute chart on the aftercare tips.

18I tracked my healing process and ensured that nobody touches my brows. When I went for a photo shoot 2 days later, I specifically told the makeup artiste to avoid my brows. Well, there was no need to draw them anyway!

Indeed, the scabbing started on Day 6. It was a little itchy for me and I tried my best not to scratch!

 This was taken on Day 19. Scabs are all gone. It is no longer as dark and it looks natural.
Day 24. Most of the colour has faded. Some parts are a little patchy but other than that, it is all good.
20For now, I have kept my eyebrow pencils as there is no need for them. I am satisfied with the natural look created by this Misty Brow technique. The photo below was taken exactly one month after the session.
Anyway, while mama has her eyebrows done, mama decided to shave Baby Wong’s eyebrows. Hopefully he will have thick eyebrows soon! Also, I love this Soul AnoonA baby carrier from Soul Singapore. It is so gorgeous and Baby Wong loves having his gaigai in it. 🙂
If you are keen to have a set of natural looking eyebrows, this eyebrow embroidery is priced at $388 for one session. It comes with a free Korea Oxygenating Facial worth $388. The touch-up would cost $388.
Thanks for reading! ❤
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Facework Aesthetic
Address: 5 Koek Road, #B1-13 to 18, Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796 (Nearest MRT Station: Somerset)
Contact No.: 6909 0176

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