Carbon Peel Laser at Skin Health Aesthetics, Toa Payoh Singapore

This is my second post on Skin Health Aesthetics and there is no doubt on their service level and the quality of their treatments. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin condition where there is significantly lesser whitehead. Yay! 2Before I move on to the Carbon Peel Laser treatment that I did, here’s some photos of the beauty salon.47Benefits of Carbon Peel Laser

The black Carbon powder applied on the face has the ability to absorb dirt from deep within the pores. The heat produced when the Carbon powder is being broken down stimulates collagen production in the skin, bringing about supple, glowing skin. The heat also destroys bacteria responsible for pimples, resulting in acne control.

Most importantly, the results can be seen immediately and there is no downtime at all. 🙂

With all beauty-related blog posts, it comes with a mandatory “before and after” photo. Here’s a close-up of my skin before the treatment. As you can see, my pores are pretty obvious and there are some pimples too.30The process began with aromatherapy, thorough cleansing of face, massage and then steaming. Thereafter, the Manager Coey started with the extraction.
32After the extraction was done, Coey ensured that there would be no inflammation of pimples.
33Time for the Carbon powder~

As it was my first time doing Carbon Peel Laser, I really had no idea what to expect. Nonetheless, I knew that I was in safe hands as Coey was super experienced and meticulous.
34Here’s how I look like with Carbon powder applied all over the face. 🙂
22Finally, we are starting with the treatment.

The first few shots were rather painful for me as it just felt like someone was slapping me. The noise from the machine didn’t help as well. Luckily, after experiencing the Carbon Peel laser the second time round, I got used to it and I could even fall asleep during the process. ^^  35After the laser was done, a soothing cream was applied, followed by a super long and relaxing massage.

Thereafter, a thick layer of mask was applied to boost the skin’s moisture level
36Tadaa! Look how much brighter and cleaner my skin is. My pores can finally breathe! ❤
37For me, this Carbon Peel Laser treatment is more than amazing and I am glad that I tried it out. The important thing for me is that there is no downtime and I can just attend events thereafter.

Check out the Super Hair Removal sessions that I did with Skin Health Aesthetics too.  I love the results!

Do contact them directly or visit their Facebook Page to find out about the latest promotions. Thanks for reading! ❤

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Skin Health Aesthetics

Address: Blk 163 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh #01-1006 S310163 (5-10 mins walk from Toa Payoh MRT Station)

Contact No.: 69044528


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