Review of PEM Confinement Nanny Agency (Part 3) – Life after Nanny

Honestly, I cried on the day my confinement nanny (Sin Nooi) from PEM Confinement Nanny Agency left. For one entire month, she did EVERYTHING – from showering baby, washing laundry, cooking, changing diapers, night duties etc etc. Just click here to see what she did every day.

Before she left, I kept thinking… What would life be without someone so experienced like her? How could I stop baby from crying when she was not around? That said, I didn’t panic as I knew that my MIL would be around to help take care of baby and we all have been understudying Sin Nooi when she cared for baby.

This is Sin Nooi with Baby Wong. The photo was taken before Sin Nooi left as I wanted it as keepsake so baby can remember who took care of him when he was really small!

So anyway, when nanny was around, I spent most of my time pumping, resting and working on my blog and social media accounts. I only started learning the ropes from the 3rd week. Fortunately, though I was really lousy at baby care, Sin Nooi was super patient and guided me through all the steps and provided loads of advice. This proved really useful now that I look back and especially when my MIL had to return to Malaysia at the eleventh hour as she wasn’t feeling well and I was left all alone to take care of baby for several days.

Showering baby

If you have ever tried before, showering babies is never an easy job. They cry and they move around so much. It does not help if you are not strong in the first place. That said, Sin Nooi was really good at it as she was always very firm and swift. We learnt the steps and kept reminding ourselves that we would also have to do the same when she left and luckily, baby has been rather cooperative. 🙂

Look at how well-behaved Baby Wong was when Sin Nooi was showering him.

Documenting my MIL’s first few attempts at showering Baby Wong.
Here’s a clean baby looking comfy in his thick, fluffy towel. ❤
Night Duties

Sin Nooi took charge of the entire night duty when she was here as she wanted me to rest more. When she left, night duties were all left to Jj and I. I was lucky that Jj is a hands-on kind of dad. In fact, we often “fought” to take care of baby which I felt was rather sweet. Hehee ❤

Anyway, night duties are not easy at all. When I was mugging for my exams last time, I used to wake up at 3am to study on a daily basis. I thought that it would be the same but sadly, things do change when you are older. It is very easy to feel tired so I found ways to keep myself going. So, here I am taking photos with my clingy little koala and his super clingy face. ^^


Feeding Baby

During confinement, when I wasn’t latching baby, Sin Nooi would be the one feeding him. We observed how she fed (especially how she woke baby up to finish the milk – like shaking and tapping on the bottle). Those were really useful tips else it would be extremely painful for me to see wasted milk! I am sure mummies out there would understand what I mean.42

Jj feeding Baby Wong while he stares into space. LOL

I am really bad at cooking so on days that I do not have my confinement meals, my MIL has been doing all the cooking and she inherited some recipes from Sin Nooi. One of the most important dishes is green papaya fish soup as it is a milk booster and I really enjoy drinking it.14

Heading Out

When Sin Nooi was around, we brought baby out for his check-ups and all. She taught me how to pack baby’s bag. Honestly, as a first time mum, there are many things that may be commonsensical but which I am absolutely clueless. For example, I nearly forgot to bring breast pads for myself and an extra romper for baby until Sin Nooi told me to do so. These would be highly important if I have sudden leakage or if baby has a poonami.

And yes, thanks to Sin Nooi’s guidance, we have been bringing baby out regularly now and baby has been enjoying himself.

Sharing a blurry photo of him in his brand new tula. 😀16

As you can see, we are certainly thankful to Sin Nooi for all her advice and tips. No regrets on engaging a confinement nanny at all! If you are still thinking if you should be getting one, please do so! I have heard of mummies not engaging a nanny and getting their husbands or mums to help out with their confinement instead and they really regretted it.

As you would only be doing your confinement once for each child (and once in your entire lifetime if you are only planning to have one kid) and that confinement is really a golden period to recuperate, it is better to be safe than sorry.

PEM Confinement Review 2
If you have any questions on engaging a nanny or would like to share your experiences with me, feel free to comment below or drop me an email.
Thanks for reading! ❤

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