How I Became a Part-Time Radio DJ in Singapore

Ever since I posted on my part-time job experiences in Singapore, I received loads of emails and Facebook messages asking me how I became a part-time radio DJ.

Well, it really traces back to a long, long time ago. This explains why most of my photos in this post are in pretty low resolution. 😀

I have always been rather active in school. When I was in JC, my teacher asked if I was keen to take part in a DJ competition (校园记者大赛) organised by Capital 95.8. I thought it would be really fun and decided to try it out. Honestly speaking, I have been listening to the radio since young and one of my ambitions was to be a radio DJ.

My teacher in Hwa Chong was amazing and she guided us through the competition. In the end, I was lucky to get through to the finals. Since it was so long ago, I seriously couldn’t remember which prize I won BUT I managed to chance upon a photo with $300 cash prize taken right after the competition so I am pretty sure I must be in the Top 3. (Terrible memory when it comes to such things..)1923671_23257960507_6133_nRight after the competition, Capital 95.8 was kind enough to provide us with air time to report on campus happenings. I remembered covering school events like the Hwa Chong’s annual Mid Autumn Festival (MAF) celebration and even interviewing international singers.

With the experience I gained, I took part in a few other DJ competitions and got into the finals for all of them.

The next big one was the YES 933 “So You Wanna Be a DJ” competition. In fact, I remembered queuing up and auditioning for the competition at Somerset@313. There were various components that were tested and one of them was to read news passages. Reading is generally a breeze for me and I was quite chillax then. I was surprised to get a call from them about a week later that I was in the finals. Yippee!

So here’s the bunch of us being featured in i-weekly. ❤ 5And yes, I am contestant no. 7.
6Of course, I took the opportunity to take photos with my favourite DJ, Chongqing.10For the finals, we had to go on air and undergo a series of tests. My first test was to read a script. I can obviously read but I totally can’t act. In the end, I did not manage to proceed further.

Oh well, the saying goes, when one door is closed, the other opens. Subsequently, I sent in my short demo (self-intro and reading of a short passage) to UFM 100.3 and joined them as a part-time DJ. I was lucky to be mentored and had a weekend evening drive time slot to host.

By that time, I was already in university so I had to manage my time effectively. There is always give and take when you take up part time jobs while studying. I also hosted events at schools and shopping malls then. It was so fun but definitely time-consuming!
15Here’s a photo of me attending UFM 100.3’s birthday party. 20Subsequently, after I graduated from NTU, I applied to MediaCorp as a Current Affairs Producer with Channel 8. As there was a conflict of interest (UFM 100.3 is under SPH), I did not continue hosting.

Nonetheless, there were still opportunities for me to continue my affinity with radio programmes as I had to go on air to share about the programmes I did. I definitely enjoyed myself.
958 interviewOf course, being a blogger now is really exciting too as I get loads of first-hand information and at the same time, create information to share with you guys.

To sum it up, for all DJ wannabes out there, don’t be afraid to sell yourself. Sign up for DJ competitions, send in your demos to all the radio stations out there as you never know where it may bring you. You will never know unless you try.

If you are not a DJ wannabe, go for internships in Singapore or overseas and try out some part time jobs before you graduate. It gives you a realistic preview of the working world to help you better prepare yourself.

Go for it guys! 🙂

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  1. Just would love to reach our cousin in singapore..kindly plz helps or let us know whom to contact.
    Satish haridas a violion player for singapore
    Shobha from mumbai
    Daughter of u.p.vijaya raghavan

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