[Review] Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment at Headlines Hairdressing, Singapore

You know how people with natural curls always yearn to have straight and sleek hair? Well, I have been rebonding my hair since my secondary school days as I simply detest my natural waves. In fact, it is almost a yearly affair for me. However, my hair would become very dry and brittle after every rebonding and would require much tedious and time consuming aftercare.

As such, I was super excited to learn about the Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment, an alternative to conventional rebonding. While the processes for both the treatment and rebonding are similar, the former allows you to leave the salon with straight, soft and smooth hair due to the amazing ingredients used. The hair-nourishing ingredients include argan oil, honey, shea butter and collagen to help repair and moisturise damaged tresses. It is also highly effective in preventing frizziness.

Most importantly, this entire treatment is formaldehyde-free. In case you are wondering, formaldehyde is the chemical commonly used in hair straightening procedures. It helps in sealing up hair cuticles so that our hair looks straight and sleek. However, it may bring about breathing difficulties and skin irritation.

So, after learning about all these great things about the Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment, I headed over to Headlines Hairdressing at China Square Central (they have shifted to a new location at Club Street) to try it out.

My hairstylist is Charles. He has more than 12 years of experience in the hair industry and is extremely knowledgeable and patient. Before we started, he analysed my hair condition and said that the Mucota Dyna treatment would be most suitable for me. 🙂5

Here’s a photo of my hair before the treatment. As you can see, it is really dry and frizzy.


The treatment starts off with a hair wash.7
Thereafter, they combed my hair and it was time to start applying the treatment products.

Anyway, I need to stress that Headlines Hairdressing is the first salon in Singapore to introduce this Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment. Their Creative Director Mr Gary Lee had earlier travelled to Japan and learnt about this treatment. After witnessing the amazing benefits and results, he decided to bring it back to Singapore. 🙂


For this treatment, there are three different products used. The first two seen below are the straightening creams – one is mild while the other is stronger. Charles said that he will apply the stronger cream at the bottom part and the milder one at the roots so that my hair wouldn’t look so flat after the treatment. The third product in pink is applied after the straightening step to moisturise the hair.9

Here is another hairdresser, Limin, meticulously applying the cream on my tresses. 10


The mild straightening cream is only applied to my fringe at a much later stage so that my fringe wouldn’t look awfully straight. The treatment is left on the hair for about 20-30 minutes before it is washed off.12

Thereafter comes the straightening process. This step helps to infuse the nourishing ingredients into the hair. By the way, argan oil is one of the key ingredients in this treatment and it is also the world’s most expensive plant oil. It works well in terms of moisturising the hair and protecting it from sun damage.12.1

Soon after, Charles started trimming my hair. (Oh, Charles’ hairstyle is super cool!) 13

Almost ready…
I was so eager to see how my hair looks like after blow-drying.


Tadaa~ Here’s the end result!

My hair just looks so soft, straight and healthy! It feels really smooth too. ❤


Comparison of the ‘before and after’ photos. The difference is stark! Most importantly, the ends are not that dry anymore. 16,1
The Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment typically lasts about 4-6 months. You can wash your hair immediately after the treatment as it is unlike rebonding.

As I was catching a flight the next day, I just didn’t wish to board the plane with oily hair so I washed it immediately after I went home and my hair is still straight and sleek the next day. Yay!

Of course, good things do not come cheap. Prices start from $250, depending on the length of your hair. For me, the cost of the treatment would be $350.

I must say that after trying out this treatment, I will definitely not go for rebonding again. Our mane is very important and we should protect it from harsh procedures like rebonding. Such a formaldehyde-free treatment which is enriched with nourishing ingredients is a great substitute of the normal rebonding that we do and it also works wonders on our hair.

Remember to head down to Headlines Hairdressing to see the results for yourself!

Many thanks to Charles and Limin for the professional service and recommendation! ❤


Just to share with you, this is how my hair looked like over the next few days. In case you are wondering, I did not apply anything on my hair nor is there any styling done.

Basically, your hair just becomes really manageable after the treatment. I don’t even see the need to comb my hair before I head out. 🙂

My hair looks really glossy too! ❤21

P.S.: I went for massage when I was in Thailand. The masseuse kept on touching my hair and told another masseuse how nice my hair is. Kudos to Charles and Headlines Hairdressing for this amazing treatment! ❤23

Don’t forget to make an appointment before heading down! 🙂13221591_1008832952485362_16323111439484953_n

[Good news to all my readers – quote my name “Tina Loh/Jing Ting” to get 10% discount off all hair services at Headlines Hairdressing. Remember to look for Charles!]

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Headlines Hairdressing

[Note: My hairdresser, Charles, has opened up his own hair salon called Chambers and can be contacted at 6909 2033.]

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/headlines.com.sg

Address: 52 Club Street, Singapore 069429
Telephone: +65 6221 6866
Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays – 1030am to 830pm, Saturdays – 1030am to 7pm, Sundays & Public Holidays – 1030am to 5pm.
Hair Stylist: Charles Tan

14 responses to “[Review] Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment at Headlines Hairdressing, Singapore

  1. Looks lovely. Wanted to know if you faced the usual post rebonding frizziness or is your hair fine even after 3 months?

    • Hi Syaz, it is not a permanent treatment. You would have to do it again but the end result leaves your hair looking much healthier and smoother as compared to the usual rebonding and straightening treatments. That’s why it’s highly recommended. 🙂

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