[Review] SilkPeel Dermalinfusion Facial Treatment at NU.U Medispa (NU.U Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic), Paragon Medical Suites, Singapore

Since my last post on my skin consultation with Dr Chew Khek Kah at NU.U Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic, I have started on one COFractional Laser and bipolar radiofrequency treatment called the DOT/RF Therapy (aka the Madonna Lift Evolution) and did one SilkPeel Dermalinfusion treatment thereafter.

Honestly speaking, other than becoming about 2-3 shades fairer, I didn’t see much improvement in my acne scars after the first DOT/RF Therapy. Well, Dr Chew did say that I need 3 treatments to improve my skin condition. I will do a detailed post on this DOT/RF Therapy after my second treatment to update you on how things turn out. 🙂

That aside, in this post, I want to share how miraculous the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion treatment is. My skin looked visibly smoother and fairer immediately after the treatment and there is no downtime at all. Can’t wait to do it again!1

So, it was a month after my first laser treatment and I went back to Dr Chew to review my skin condition. It was a Saturday so there were quite a few patients. I sat at their posh sofa and grabbed a magazine to read while waiting for my turn.1.1

I waited for about 10 mins. When it was my turn, Dr Chew commented that my skin looked smoother. I shared with him how my bf said that he could still see small holes left behind after the laser treatment. Dr Chew and his wife Raine analysed that it was due to my dehydrated skin and slow cells turnover. They subsequently recommended me to the SilkPeel DermalInfusion treatment at their adjoining Medispa that would help solve this issue.

This is how the NU.U Medispa looks like.

2The beauticians at NU.U (both the Medispa and the Aesthetics Clinic) are really friendly and knowledgeable. Being a beauty blogger, I have occasionally met beauticians who weren’t able to explain treatments clearly. However, as the beauticians here are relatively experienced and have tried many of the treatments themselves, they are familiar with the equipment and the treatment procedures. 🙂3

The rooms are cosy too. Somehow, I really love all the different paintings they have.1011

After I changed into the tube dress, it was time to start the treatment.

My beautician was Agnes and she started with the face cleansing procedure.12Thereafter, I thought she was attempting to remove my “lipstick” and clarified with her that I don’t apply such things. Agnes said that it is one of their SOPs to apply vaseline for customers prior to the treatments. I would recommend all beauty salons to start doing this as my lips didn’t feel dry at all after the treatment (you should know how sometimes the clay mask gets into the cracks of the lips and makes it extremely dry and flaky). 13Maybe I should get this for myself. 🙂
14.1Once my skin was all clean and prepped, Agnes started with the SilkPeel treatment.

This is a new breakthrough treatment that combines precise exfoliation with dermalinfusion to address specific skin conditions. The four dermalinfusions (serums) are:

(1) Brightening (Lumixyl Peptide)

(2) Hydrating (Hyaluronic Acid)

(3) Clarifying (Salicylic Acid)

(4) Anti-oxidant (Vitamin C)

It operates using a closed-loop vacuum system and the machine’s diamond treatment head would exfoliate the skin while infusing the above serums, depending on your skin condition. This basically helps to target your skin problems and stimulate new cell growth.

It differs from the traditional microdermabrasions which are dry abrasions. The end result of this SilkPeel treatment is a more silky, hydrated and glowy complexion.

As my skin is really dry, I was given the hydrating serum which contains Hyaluronic Acid.

Can you see the serum below? Look carefully at how clear it is now because it will become really dirty later. (Let’s blame it on the haze..)


There is no pain at all. In fact, it feels really comfortable as water gets pumped into your skin. 16One thing I really like about NU.U Medispa is that they don’t do exfoliation at all. A scrubber (as seen below) is used to gently nudge the blackheads and comedones.

Right after the scrubber, the SilkPeel machine is back in action again. The first time was to remove the dead skin cells whereas this second time ensures deeper cleansing. Take a look at how dirty it is now – yikes!18After this step, while Agnes was preparing the mask, I secretly touched my face. It feels so soft, supple and CLEAN, as if all the dirt and grime accumulated under the pores over the past few years have been removed. Most importantly, there is no pain at all.

So, here comes the mask. A clarifying clay mask was applied on the oilier and pimple-prone areas whereas a hydrating and soothing cold mask was applied on other areas.

About 20 minutes later, Agnes came in to clean off the mask.

Many of the red pimple scars became less obvious and my skin looked obviously smoother. I’ve never had a facial treatment that produces such amazing results, with no pain at all! Everyone should definitely try this, especially before a big occasion like wedding etc. (Anyway, look at my lips! It is not dry at all.)20

A single session of SilkPeel treatment (about 1.5h) is $250. It comes in a package of $1800 for 10 sessions. First trial is at $180 for both face and neck, inclusive of the serum and mask. It is pretty worth the price!

Raine gave me some NU.U products to try out. They were the Spot Treatment Gel, the Anti-oxidant Cleanser and the Anti-aging Gel.


Can’t wait to head back for my second COFractional Laser treatment! Stay tuned! ❤22

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NU.U Medispa by NU.U Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic

Address: Paragon Medical Suites, 290 Orchard Road, #09-22, Singapore 238859

Contact No.: +65 6235 3456

Opening Hours: 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 7pm (Mon to Fri), 10am to 2pm (Sat), Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Website: www.nuuclinic.com

Click here for their Facebook Page.

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    • It is already indicated in the post – “A single session of SilkPeel treatment (about 1.5h) is $250. It comes in a package of $1800 for 10 sessions. First trial is at $180 for both face and neck, inclusive of the serum and mask. It is pretty worth the price!”

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