DIY Jewellery Workshop X Longue Vue Design, Singapore

I love accessorising myself but it is always hard to find the necklaces and earrings that I really like.

It has never dawned on me that I could make my own fashion accessories at a reasonable price and this is why I would like to highly recommend the DIY jewellery workshop by Longue Vue Design to all my readers. ❤

In this post, I will be sharing my personal experience attending the workshop.51If you are wondering what these colorful cubes are, they are actually clay!52Just looking at these small little cubes make me so excited to start making my own necklaces!53Longue Vue means telescope in French. The founder of the company is Alice Chevalier, an interdisciplinary artist with a background in graphic design, photography and ceramics. Alice creates amazingly gorgeous handmade jewellery which are sold on her website and at selected stores in Singapore (more details at the end of the post).

What’s great is that Alice not only sells these gorgeous pieces, she conducts courses for us to pick up a new skill and design our own accessories. It is a great way to spend your weekends too!

The workshop typically takes around 3.5-4 hours. For my group, we started at 1.30pm and only left at 6.30pm. Alice told us that she rarely had such a long class. I guess we were just too chatty! 🙂

At the start of the class, all participants will be given this little booklet which provides a step-by-step guide on jewellery making using polymer clay.5455Alice is a really great teacher who gave us so much guidance. Her instructions were very clear too. She started by showing us the basic tools that we will be using in class and the different shapes that we can create using clay. Take a look at the pretty beads and cubes below. I just love the colors. ❤ 57 58Alice guided us on how to create a tube.
59And, here we are learning how to make beads with cute polka dots.60I have experimented with clay before as I had a kiln in my secondary school (yes, my school is awesome). However, I am never great with art n craft. I remembered cracking a clay artwork before and the other one looked horrendous. I felt so touched when my mum actually placed it on display in one of the glass cabinets at home. I totally didn’t know what that artwork was meant to be but from far, it looked like a rock.

So anyway, here I am playing with these colorful clay! I feel like a little kid.
61This is the little blue polka dotted bead that I created.
62So after we were guided on the different shapes and designs we could possibly create with clay, Alice showed us some examples of jewellery that we could make. We were given a short break to brainstorm on our jewellery line. 64After the break, we started making our own necklaces. Alice was very attentive and kept walking around, making sure that all questions were answered.66Our class had a total of 4 students, including myself so it was a really great size. We chatted quite a lot and of course, complimented one another’s designs along the way. The girl sitting beside me was a master at clay marbling! 😀

After we were done with our clay pieces, we had to poke holes through them so that we could eventually string them together after baking. In the process, they just looked like yummy marshmallows.68The clay would have to be baked for around 25 mins and at a temperature of 130 degree celsius. After taking them out, Alice checked if there were any pieces that cracked. I had a small white bead that cracked a little at the corner but everything else was great.

Then, we commenced on the sanding of our clay. Glazing could also be done after baking.
73.1And after almost 5 hours, I successfully made 3 necklaces. As I really love the blue marbled beads, they are a constant feature in my “collection”.

By the way, I absolutely can’t believe I can actually create such decent jewellery. *dumbfounded*80.1This is my favourite piece. It is a mixture of different shapes but of a similar color scheme.
82To sum it all up:

What will you learn?
  • Learn the basics about clay: safety, how to store, different brands, where to buy, tools to work with clay
  • basic colours and design theory to work best with different types of clay and colours + ideas for your jewellery
  • best ways to conditioning clay, mix colours and create unique textures 
  • best techniques to create unique shapes with polymer
  • awesome polymer clay techniques to create marble effect, polka dots and other types of patterns on you beads
  • solid skills to create different types of shapes/beads (round, flat beads, geometric shapes, square, cone, cylinder)
  • tips and tricks to finish your beads (e.g. how to make them shine? how to remove fingerprints? etc)

What will you make?

  • you have the chance to create at least 1 necklace. Most of the time, participants managed to make 2-3 designs to take home
  • you can choose one of the proposed necklaces to make, or you can design you own necklaces
  • the materials that you can choose from: polymer, metal finishes, Japanese waxed cotton, Japanese suede lace, German natural leather

Price : 150 SGD (all materials + refreshment included).

Special discounts for kids and group bookings. You can contact for more details.

This workshop is suitable for corporate retreats and bonding with your bffs. 🙂

Before I end off, scroll down for other statement pieces by Longue Vue. necklace 1 necklace 2necklace 3 earrings 1earrings 2To sign up for the workshops (either necklace or earrings), click here.

If you are too lazy to make your own accessories, you can purchase them at (15% discount on orders for new customers) or visit the following stores.

  • Naiise, Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, #02-02/24, S238858
  • Naiise, 112 Katong, 112 East Coast Road, #01-31/32, S428802

That’s all from me. Don’t forget to check out these amazing jewellery! ❤


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