Fengshui Consultation for Our New Home X Yi Culture Singapore

I have always been a fervent believer of Fengshui. That’s why, even before we collected the keys, we have been looking for a reputable Fengshui Master to provide us with advice on the renovation of our new home.

After doing much research online, we decided to engage Master Jet Lee of Yi Culture Singapore and we quickly arranged for a meet-up.

Background of Master Jet Lee master lee bioMaster Jet Lee is the founder of Yi Culture. He trained under the tutelage of renowned Taiwanese Grand Master Yan Shi, the founder of Dahann I-Ching Institute. He is well-versed in different school sects especially Eight Mansions (八宅明镜), Xuan Kong Flying Stars (玄空飞星), Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦), Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法), Qian Kun Guo Bao (乾坤國寶), Four Pillars of Destiny (子平八字) and Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲). He is highly skilled in Life Analysis, Residential and Commercial Feng Shui, Corporate Business Strategy, etc.

Master Lee is also a professional speaker. He has been engaged by many organisations and MNCs for corporate events, seminars, training courses, D&D and roadshows. Surprisingly, he used to be on the renowned Master Tan Khoon Yong’s team (Chen Jun Rong) and has since left to set up Yi Culture.

My parents had engaged Master Tan Khoon Yong to perform Fengshui audit on our home many years ago! 🙂

Here is Master Lee at work~consultation 1Master Lee started by analysing Jj and my bazi (八字) and the analysis was really spot on. Then, he proceeded to look at our place’s floor plan. He advised us on the placements of plants, beds and wealth location (财位) etc.

Trust me, we were so bombarded with all the info but Master Lee was just patiently guiding us through and answering whatever questions we had. Jj took a photo with him when the consultation ended. 🙂 consultation 2When we collected the keys to our home, we contacted Master Lee for a few auspicious dates for dongtu ceremony(动土)and he provided us with a list of dates. We then proceeded to prepare rice, tea leaves, salt and axe which were required for the ceremony. 2Here we are completing the steps as instructed. 🙂

We were just so excited on that day. LOL1Right after we were done with the various procedures, our contractors from HSAUTO arrived. Anyway, there is a major reason why we chose HSAUTO and I would share more on my blog soon!5They started laying the cardboard to protect the flooring and also carried out some final measurements. We were surprised that the boss of HSAUTO came down personally to supervise the team! YAY!

Overall, we enjoyed the entire Fengshui consultation process and all the rituals that we had to do.

Great news to all my readers! Quote my name “Tina” to enjoy special discounts on all the Fengshui packages with Yi Culture. 

I will be sharing more about our home reno journey in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned! ❤

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Yi Culture

Address: 66 Tannery Lane #04-09A Sindo Building S347805

Contact No.: +65 6742 2198




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