Travelling Flips My Day X ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360

When I was asked what flips my day, the first thing that came to my mind was travelling. I would definitely jump on any chance to travel.

Just to clarify, I love this sunny island which I call home but I also love the idea of exploring other cultures, taking photos and documenting my travelling experiences. ❤

This humble blog of mine actually started during my one-month stay in India where I began sharing the various attractions in Chennai. Thereafter, I was lucky to be invited on quite a few media trips to Taiwan (I will be going on another one soon!). So anyway, here are some photos taken on my travels.P_20151025_232355 3P_20151028_211911I have been travelling rather extensively since young. In fact, my parents have been telling me about the places I have explored even when I was in the tummy. Sometimes, they would try testing me if I remember visiting a particular place when I was 3 and my standard reply was.. YES, I see myself in the photos. So, it is always important to take photos when you travel, at least there is some sort of documentary proof!

To date, the place that I have visited most would have to be Taiwan – having stayed there for half a year and been there 9 other times. I just love all its culture, people, gorgeous scenery and its food! All my friends are well aware that I am full of praises for Taiwan. 🙂 P_20151028_233020_meitu_5Just take a look at the wooden bucket rice. *hungry*25Well, travelling is just so awesome! 🙂

Oh, you know those people who would open their laptops and start working on the plane? I am one such person too, especially when I am on work trips. Well, time is precious right?

So anyway, I was introduced to a new laptop launched in Singapore that is really versatile and terribly suitable for avid travellers.flipflipYES, this is the latest ZenBook Flip UX360. It can be flipped 360 degrees to open up as a tablet. Amazing right?

The ZenBook Flip UX360 prides itself as a versatile laptop with a 13.3-inch flip touchscreen display. It weighs 1.3kg and is only 13.9mm thick, making it really portable. This laptop is also way prettier than many other typical laptops in the market. I still remember those days when I visited the computer fairs organised in university to get a laptop. If this was on display at the fairs, I would certainly go for it. ❤
1It also has a high-capacity lithium-polymer battery which lasts for 12 hours so even if you are on long flights or have back-to-back lectures, you do not have to worry about the hassle of charging your laptop!

The best thing is that the ZenBook Flip only retails at $1,298. When I quizzed my dad, he guessed that it was at least $3500 as he had a friend who just bought a laptop at that price. LOL 🙂

+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

So anyway, here’s a chance for you to win an ASUS ZenBook Flip! Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Like the ASUS Singapore Instagram page
  1. Share a photo on Instagram on what flips your day, what motivates you every day!
  1. Use the #flipmyday hashtag and tag ASUS Singapore in your post

Contest ends at 11.59 pm on 30 September 2016! Good luck!

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Stay tuned to my blog and my Facebook page for more on the ASUS ZenBook Flip!  ❤


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