DIY Natural Handmade Soap at Soap Ministry, Liang Court

Being constantly bored of the mundane lifestyle in Singapore, I am always on the look out for something interesting to do. As you could probably tell from some of my previous posts, I enjoy doing one or two Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities. So, I was glad to be able to try out two workshops at Soap Ministry, the basic and intermediate levels, and share with you how much fun I had over there! Much less to say, I was really proud of the end results! I ❤ my soaps!

I’ve passed by Soap Ministry twice and every time I walk by it, I swear that I would have this urge to eventually learn soap-making and I am happy to announce that I have finally done it.

Soap Ministry is located at Orchard Central #B2-07/08. It is near to the restaurant, Medzs. [Note: Soap Ministry has shifted to a bigger outlet in Liang Court. Full address is listed below.]

soap ministry ext 2soap ministry int Just take a look at the variety of soaps that they sell and you are able to make at Soap Ministry. I wonder if it is even possible to count all the designs that they have. 🙂soap ministry int 2Here’s why you should use natural handmade soaps:

1. Free from all harsh chemicals such as SLS, Paraben and Triethanolamine. (Safe for sensitive and eczema-prone skin types)

2. Vegetable oil and various nutrients remain undamaged during the soap making process, making it beneficial for our skin.
3. Increase skin’s moisture level and strengthen the skin.
4. Customisable to individual skin types.
5. Biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Handmade soaps at Soap Ministry are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and do not contain detergents. Soaps also maintain a minimum organic content level of 85%, as certified under the USDA National Organic Program.

soaps fruit basketsoaps sushi

In this post, I will be sharing about the Basic Upsize Course I had at Orchard Central which is priced at $86/pax.

Course Details

  • Duration is approximately 1.5 hour.
  • 500g of Soap Base. (2 choices of 250g between Organic Goat’s MilkCentella Asiatica or Premium Baobab)
  • Able to make about 10 – 12 soaps.
  • Your choice of scent from their wide range of 100% Pure Essential Oil.
  • Your choice of two Colours or Natural Herb Powders.
  • Your choice of Soap Mold Designs.
  • All necessary tools & equipment will be provided.
  • Soap layering technique will be taught.

soap workshop posterLook, other students are having fun too! 🙂

students in class

Soap Ministry has been featured on many TV programmes. Even Zoe Tay and Terence Cao have learnt the art of soap-making here. The most recent feature of Soap Ministry on MediaCorp Channel 8 was when Vivian Lai (Lai Yi Ling) brought her two daughters to the shop. Their soap creations are really cute!

tv artistes on soap ministry screen

Here I go! Starting with the first step which is cutting the soap base. The soap bases that I have selected are Centella Asiatica (enhances dermal elasticity and collagen production) and Premium Baobab (ultra moisturising). Goat’s milk is available too!

soap ministry - soap base and soap cutting

After cutting the soap base, you will have to melt them in the metal containers so that you can pour them into the chosen molds thereafter. 🙂soap ministry - soap melting

While you wait for the soap bases to melt completely, you will need to choose the essential oils for your soaps. I love essential oils. They are full of various health benefits. However, one thing I learnt is that you should drink more water after smelling the different essential oils as the concentration of the oils are pretty high and would enter your blood stream. soap ministry - briefing on essential oils

They have a chart listing the health benefits of the essential oils. How thoughtful 🙂

benefits of essential oils

Here’s a photo of me taking a whiff of the various bottles of essential oils. Soap Ministry essential oilMy shortlisted essential oils are: Peppermint (relieves muscular aches and pain), Rose (moisturising and delays aging) and Lavender (helps calm the mind and body). I decided not to use Eucalyptus (relieves symptoms of cold) in the end as its strong smell might put some people off.

soap ministry - chosen essential oils

After choosing the scents, you will need to start measuring the amount of the Glycerin, Vitamin E and the essential oils for each soap base.

soap ministry - weighing and measuring

Since it is handmade, fully customised soap, you are free to choose your favorite colors too!soap ministry - choosing soap colors

After which, you can proceed to choose the designs of your soaps! There is a wide variety of soap molds to choose from e.g. flowers, animals, hearts and cartoon characters like minions, rilakkuma etc. I love simplicity so I chose basic designs like roses and sunflowers. 🙂  soap moulds soap moulds chosen

I love the sunflower mold! I would recommend every one to do at least one sunflower soap during the class. It is really pretty! You can offer them as gifts or use it for yourself.

soap ministry - soap moulds chosen

Right after the soap has completely melted, you will start pouring the liquid soap into the chosen molds. Ethanol is constantly sprayed into the melted soap base and into the molds (to remove air bubbles in your soaps). For the basic upsize level class, you will be able to learn about soap layering, starting with the first layer using the baobab base.

soap ministry - pouring first layer of soap

Look! The first layer made up of brown baobab is done. Waiting for it to solidify.

preparing second layer

And then, I poured in the second layer of soap. I chose the color red as I feel that it really pops. After the individual soaps dry completely, the “soap pushing” process commences. You just have to loosen the sides connecting the soaps and the molds and carefully push them out.

Look at my end products! They look so edible right? The ones on top look like agar-agar (jelly), don’t you think?

soap ministry - pushing out the soapsOf course, I love the sunflower I created. Who would expect that such a simple looking mold could produce such a perfect sunflower! I am CONTENTED.

sunflower soapThank you Soap Ministry for organising such a fun and educational course for me. These soaps are so functional. Just by smelling them makes me feel so relaxed. Since these soaps are natural and handmade, they can be used to wash your face too! The price of the lesson is totally justified. In fact, I heard that there are many people who purchase the soap making materials at Soap Ministry and make them at home too!

If you are wondering where to learn soap making in Singapore, Soap Ministry is the right place. Besides conducting small workshops at their shop in Orchard Central, they are able to organise special classes for kids too (for their birthday parties or any other celebrations). They even have a Frozen themed soap making class. Look, we are holding specially designed Frozen-related posters. (Olaf is so adorable.)

me and faridah end of class

They provide corporate workshops for adults who would like to have some fun! Also, if you are thinking of customised wedding gifts for guests, they do have soaps in the “喜” (joy) word. So innovative and useful (you have a functional wedding gift)!

If you are interested to make some natural handmade soaps for yourself, do refer to the contact details below. I will be blogging about my intermediate level class at Soap Ministry really soon! Stay tuned!

P.S.: My next post will be on the Ion Insider Search at Ion Orchard! Love all the great food and fun activities. ❤

tina with soaps


Soap Ministry at Liang Court

Address: Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road, Unit #02-33A (10 minutes walk from Clarke Quay MRT Station)

Email Address:

Contact Numbers: 9669 5953 / 6634 1920

For details on their Soap Making Workshops, click here.


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  2. Hi keen in soap making. Do u have class for kid ard age 6-10y? Any outlet nearby in the west or Jurong? Basically my gal is int age 6 can I go in with her and also how is the charges and duration like?
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