Silk Saree Weaving in Kanchipuram

We visited a silk saree weaving factory in Kanchipuram and also a family that still does silk weaving in their home!

I will start off with the introduction of the factory (and distributor). I heard that there are many Singaporeans who actually come here to buy silk sarees!


There is a bunch of us looking at different forms of sarees (shawls, head scarves etc). One really funny thing that happened was a fellow Singaporean who was looking at the saree that the shopkeeper passed to us and he said “Table cloth?”. Well, it was supposed to be a shawl. I guess guys can never differentiate such fashion items… Honestly speaking, I found the prices here rather steep as compared to what I can find in Singapore (at Tekka Market)  and I have so many Indian shawls at home which I don’t even have any special occasion to show them off so I did not get anything over there.

Thereafter, we travelled awhile and we arrived at somebody’s house! It was only after walking in that we realised it was a silk weaving factory located within their house. It was really nice for them to open up their home for us to film! 🙂

IMG_5472IMG_5469 IMG_5470 IMG_5451

Look! They actually weave gold threads into their sarees! It is a very captivating sight and I just couldnt resist the temptation to touch the gold threads. I must say, they are pretty hard as compared to the usual threads that we have at home. Pretty! ^^

And I saw this young girl studying in the house and I requested for a photo. 🙂


Overall, I am amazed by the colors of this place but this is really far away from Chennai. It is about 4 hours ride from the city. So I guess you have to think twice before coming over.


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