[Review] Super Hair Removal (SHR) X Mirage Aesthetic

While facial hair may look masculine on guys, it can be pretty unsightly for girls. I have always been very concerned with facial hair and have since completed countless face threading packages.

Of course, I have heard loads of things about face threading. Some of which include bigger pores, wrinkles etc. As such, I started looking around for alternative means of getting rid of unsightly hair and chanced upon the Super Hair Removal (SHR) treatments done by Mirage Aesthetic.1For me, I really love their service, the ambience and definitely, the results of the treatments.

The entire place looks like a sweet and homely Victorian garden. 35It also offers an airline kind of First Class services. Once you enter, they would show you a menu with a list of hot and cold drinks. Thereafter, they would serve you the drink together with a warm towel. I love their detox fruit juice which is cold yuzu tea.
12Filling in my personal particulars before the SHR treatment.  15What is Super Hair Removal (SHR)?

SHR is a technology that uses heat and light energy to remove unwanted hair. It delivers heat and light to the hair follicles in repetitive sequences at around 5-10 shot per seconds, it is better and has a faster effect in removing unwanted hair as compared to IPL. It is also suitable for all skin types, even on darker skin tones and sensitive skin. It is a non-invasive treatment which has no side effects and downtime. Most importantly, it is not painful at all. Don’t worry, as I have mentioned in my other posts, I have an extremely low pain threshold. I would not introduce to you guys something that I would not want to try again. ❤

Back to the treatments with Mirage Aesthetic – I went through a total of 4 sessions with them. Most of the time, I was served by Louisa who was really patient and sweet. She would put on the sunglasses for me to protect my eyes and then apply a cool gel on my upper lip and chin areas before the treatment. Later on, she would set the machine to the desired level before activating the shots.

During my first session, I was a little startled by the bright light. However, I got used to it after a few shots. It was quite comfortable – no pain, no heat. Everything ended in less than 10 minutes and I was good to go.
20There was absolutely no redness after the treatment and since I was already in Orchard area, I went shopping thereafter. LOL

Overall, I really enjoyed the sessions at Mirage Aesthetic. I guess this justifies the positive reviews that they have been receiving thus far. The results are amazing too.

After the second treatment, hair growth has obviously slowed. I find that there is decreasing need to pluck off the unwanted hair and most importantly, I achieved such results within a short period of time (around 2 months) and with no pain at all. Thumbs up to Mirage Aesthetic! ❤14They do provide other services like teeth whitening and the Korea BB Glow Laser Treatment as well.9Good news, there is a special promotion for the SHR treatment now where it only costs $88 for 1 whole year of treatment for a small area (U.P. $980). This promo is for a limited period only. Do contact them to make an appointment! Highly recommended to all my readers.

Happy Chinese New Year! ❤

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Mirage Aesthetic

Address: 1 Tanglin Road, Orchard Parade Hotel, #04-08, Singapore 247905

Contact No.: +65 6262 3358 / +65 6262 3378

SMS: +65 9655 2542

Email: my@mirageaesthetic.com

Operating Hours: 11:30am-8:30pm (Mon – Fri) and 10am-7pm (Sat). They are closed on Sundays.

Visit Mirage Aesthetic’s website to find out more.



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