Our Lives after Marriage

As you all know, Jj and I got married in February this year. Since then, we have been eagerly waiting for our home to be ready. ❤

Truth is, we bought our place (Skypark Residences at Sembawang) back in 2013. We just received a letter that we would be able to collect the keys soon! We just can’t wait for it. Here are some photos of the Executive Condo that I took from the official website. 🙂
skypark Skypark Residences ClubhouseSkypark Residences Master

Being a self-declared kancheong spider, I have started sourcing for good interior designers, contractors and furniture companies. I have even contacted a Singaporean Fengshui Master to perform house audit.

I have always believed in Fengshui and I think it is important for the layout and everything else to be done right. That said, we will be meeting our Fengshui master soon and there will be further updates on my blog.

Back to life after marriage~

Honestly, there has not been much difference. As we are not staying together, we try to squeeze time out our busy schedules to meet for lunch or dinner. Moving into our new home together would definitely be a totally different experience. We may start arguing about who should do the household chores etc but I guess we will take a few steps at a time to find an equilibrium.

Of course, we have heard about things getting pretty nasty among young married couples after they lived together where they have started finding out about divorce procedures and for a good divorce lawyer in Singapore.

Nonetheless, having been together for almost 10 years now, we are confident we can work out the differences. I just can’r wait to move in~

There will be more updates on our home coming up soon so stay tuned to my blog and Follow My Wanders’ Official Facebook Page.

See you soon! ❤


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    • This is an interesting phenomenon in Singapore as in order to qualify for the government’s subsidies, you must produce your marriage cert before you collect the keys so there are tonnes of couples who have to wait a few months for their homes to be ready after they are married. 🙂

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