Review of Alkaline Water Dispenser, Triple Lifestyle Singapore

I have contemplated getting an alkaline water dispenser for the longest time ever. As my new year resolution is to live healthier, I finally decided to get one installed at our new home. ❤


As most of the things that we eat and drink are acidic in nature, alkaline water is essential in neutralising the acidity of our body to bring about good health. I read a report recently on how people staying near and drinking alkaline water sources have longer life expectancy and it really intrigues me. Some benefits of consuming alkaline water include better immunity, improved skin and bowel conditions and faster metabolism (aka lose weight!).

I know that a lot of young families in Singapore nowadays have switched to alkaline water as they would use the water when making milk for their kids.


Anyway, I was super excited when I saw this box arriving at our place. Can’t wait to get it installed!


I tend to drink loads of water every day but it is really important to start ensuring that I am drinking quality water.


Let’s take a look at how my new alkaline hot and cold water dispenser looks like.



As you can see, I have decided to go for the water dispenser from Triple Lifestyle. You may be wondering, out of all the different water filtration and alkaline water dispenser companies in Singapore, why Triple Lifestyle?

(1) Trusted Company

Having been considering this for some time, I have visited quite a few of such companies’ Facebook pages and websites. I realised that Triple Lifestyle has put its system through numerous tests and has received various certifications. This is really important as you certainly should not be paying and consuming something that is untested and may be detrimental to your health. Their reviews on Facebook are pretty positive too (4.8/5 stars!).


What’s more, there are also clinics and hospitals that have installed Triple Lifestyle’s dispensers and this definitely makes it more reassuring. 🙂

(2) Made in Korea

As you can see if the photos above, this hot and cold alkaline water dispenser is made in Korea. Korean products are generally better in quality.

(3) Price

I know this is definitely a major factor in considering the brand of water filtration system to install. I heard that Triple Lifestyle offers the most value-for-money system among the competitors. The other companies generally charge a few hundred dollars more than what Triple Lifestyle is offering.

Scroll down for more photos and the special discount code for all my readers! 🙂

(4) Design

The feel is our kitchen is more towards the White X Pastel colour scheme. It was such a coincidence that they have a water dispenser which is white and purple in colour. Of course, we have yet to move in so we would be adding more pastel shades to the kitchen soon.

Other than the white and purple one we installed, the water dispenser comes in black and gold too. Super atas!


Anyway, if you are keen, you can just message them on FB or drop them a call. If they have ready stock, they would arrange for a slot for the demonstration and then get it installed.

Our water filtration system was set up just a few weeks ago.


Once the team came over to our place, they checked the sink area and asked me on the preferred location to place the alkaline tap and the water dispenser. Thereafter, I just left it in their good hands to do the necessary work.


New and shiny tap for the alkaline water~


Well, I must say that their installation process was really fast! Two holes were drilled and the water filtration box was installed under the sink area. Everything was done within 15 mins. I guess they are just really experienced at it.

Once everything was done, they helped to clean up the area and my kitchen was back to the original clean state. Thereafter, Jj (in the photo below) conducted a demo using the actual set I have. This ensures that you are really getting what you are paying for.


He showed me the certifications they have received and then, he started taking out all sorts of chemicals that were oh-so-familiar. It makes me feel as though I was back at Chemistry lab classes in SCGS. 🙂


Since this was supposed to be an alkaline water dispenser, a PH test would be crucial. For this, I have attached a PH chart that I found off the Internet for reference.


Most tap water in Singapore is acidic in nature. Through the PH test, you can tell that my tap water has a PH of between 4.0-5.0 whereas the PH of the alkaline water dispensed through the tap that was just installed was between 8.0-9.0. What a massive difference!


Of course, many other tests were performed such as the washing of rice using the alkaline water. Just spot the difference in colour!




Overall, the entire installation and demo process took less than 40 minutes. Thereafter, you can start enjoying the benefits of the alkaline water!


After switching on the electricity, the hot and cold water buttons would light up. An important feature that I would like to highlight is the child lock. You would need to push both the button on top and the lever at the same time to dispense the hot water. This helps ensure that kids do not scald themselves when they are using the dispenser. Awesome! ❤


As you can see, I am a satisfied customer. 🙂



Oh well, since there is a hot water dispenser, I will not need to get a kettle anymore. It would also save time if I were to make cup noodles on a busy day. I can also conveniently get hot water for myself every morning.

The system is built with an automatic temperate sensor and thermostat protector to prevent overheating.



Thank you so much to the team at Triple Lifestyle for making the entire alkaline water system installation process so fuss free!


Triple Lifestyle is offering $100 discount to all my lucky readers for this alkaline water filtration system. You just have to quote my name (Tina Loh) when you liaise with them. [Terms and Conditions apply]

Let’s cheers to better health! ❤

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Triple Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd

Address: 57 Ubi Centre #05-16 Singapore 408936


Contact No.: 6208 5218

Video Review of Triple Lifestyle:

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