Our Home Renovation Journey (Space-saving Home in Singapore)

Whenever I told my friends that my home renovation took less than a month and cost us less than $15k, they would start asking us for the contact of our interior design firm.

Well, like many of you out there, Jj and I spent so much time combing through all sorts of websites, forums and Facebook pages to find the PERFECT interior design firm. We even went down to a few of the companies personally (some of them at pretty ulu places) to take a look at the materials and the designs and to speak to the interior designers.

Since this is our very first home, we want to ensure that everything is what we want and things are done right.

Finally, after extensive research, we decided to entrust this very important project to Malacca Interior (their famous space saving system is called HSAUTO!).

Let’s start off with the clean canvas!

Before Renovation

Here’s our living room.




We have 3 bedrooms in total and this is the study room.


Honestly, there were loads of deliberation when it came to finalising the design as I wasn’t too sure what I exactly wanted and Jj said that he would leave all the designing portions to me.

It is not easy to make such huge decisions at all!

Our interior designer from Malacca Interior, Ben, met us a few times to settle the sketches and then delivered the 3D drawings. We eventually made up our mind (phew) and our Fengshui Master, Jet Lee, provided us with a list of auspicious dates to start the renovation (aka dong tu 动土).

Starting Renovation

On the dong tu day, we were surprised to see the Malacca Interior team in full force. The boss even came down personally to supervise the team.


This was really reassuring to us as we were totally noobs in this area and he was obviously the expert!

Also, we kept emphasising that the renovation needs to be done within a month due to Fengshui reasons and I guess that stressed them out too. :s


Other than that, we didn’t really have to supervise them much.

Of course, we heard stories of how other couples went down to their homes every day to make sure that everything is properly done and that the progress is going well. Ah well, we decided to just leave it in their good hands.

You know, these ID firms and contractors have their reputation at stake too and they want to make sure that things are satisfactory or there would certainly be complaints coming their way.

So anyway, why choose Malacca Interior?

(1) Experience

Malacca Interior has more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Other than residential projects, they have also secured numerous government tenders. All Singaporeans would know that it is not easy doing the government’s business due to the stringent quality checks etc so it shows how good they are!

(2) Space-saving System

We wanted to have a versatile home – one that is spacious enough for Jj and I and at the same time, being able to accommodate our parents comfortably when they stay over. When I was doing my online research, I chanced upon HSAUTO’s space-saving system which allows one single space to be converted for different uses and it amazes me. In particular, I wanted a room where I could write my blog posts, read my books, rest and do my yoga. It must serve as a guest room too. LOL, how greedy!

Obviously, a normal bedroom would not be able to satisfy all these requirements. It would be different if I could install a space-saving system and keep the bed and table when they are not in use. HSAUTO is clearly a leader in the space-saving industry in Singapore and this is a major reason why I chose them.

(3) Price

Less than $15k for all the renovation works including painting, electrical works, carpentry and ID services for a 3-bedroom apartment. I guess, I don’t have to elaborate more on this. ^^

After Renovation

As mentioned at the start of the post, all our renovation works (including the cleaning) were done within one month. When they returned us the keys, we were really satisfied. 🙂

Things were what we saw in the 3D photos and they did a good job at cleaning up the place too.

Here are the photos~

Living room

We love our painting from LivingwithArt Singapore and the wallpaper from Wallhub. The painting was love at first sight for us whereas we took super long to decide on the wallpaper for our home. I remembered going down to Wallhub twice and staying for a few hours each time, trying to find the prettiest wallpaper. Glad that we found it! We’ve got to thank Kaylee from Wallhub for her patience in the process!

Our lights are from Lights N Showers. It was a one-stop shop for us to get all our lights including the track lights that you see below. They would provide you with loads of guidance and advice so that you would get lights of the right colour, design and dimension for your home which is really important! ❤

Of course, we’ve got some of our things from Taobao and Ikea too.



Here comes our space-saving room!

This room has seen the most dramatic transformation where there is now a built-in bed, study table and bay window. Since this would be my yoga room as well, it is complete with full mirrors too!

For me, I absolutely love the workmanship of Malacca Interior.

This is how the room looks like with everything properly stored.


Next up, with the study table pulled down. I can sit on the bay window and work from there. 🙂

Finally, this is how it looks with the super single bed pulled down. Can you imagine, there is still space to walk around! ❤

We also maximised every single storage space in the room. Not only could the bay window benches be opened up to put our things, the top part of the HSAUTO system also has built-in cabinets. Awesome!

Tadaa~ more than enough space to be converted to a yoga studio. This is indeed my ideal room. ❤


For our second bedroom, we decided to keep it really simple. We envisioned it to be our guest room when our parents visit. The sofa is actually a sofa bed! It is relatively light and we can shift it around the place.



Last but not least, our master bedroom!

I wanted a hotel room kind of concept where there is a dramatic headboard and I am glad that they met my expectations! Yay!



It is never easy to find a good ID. I personally feel that it is important to manage the team and to manage your own expectations.

Don’t worry about spending too much time searching for the right ID firm or settling on the final design as long as you have a proper timeline in mind. It is important to start finding early too!

For me, I was absolutely pleased to get something so major completed within a month. Proud to say that our home also received much compliments during our housewarming!

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+ + + + + + + + + + + +

And finally, here’s the contact of the company we engaged! Don’t say I never share. 🙂

Malacca Interior Pte Ltd

North Showroom: 10 Admiralty Street #02-12 Northlink Building Singapore 757695

East Showroom: 511 Guillemard Road #01-09 Grandlink Square Singapore 399849

Book Appointment (Monday to Sunday)
Tel : +65 67535488
Whatsapp : +65 92720938 / +65 85947898
Email : malaccainterior@gmail.com


5 responses to “Our Home Renovation Journey (Space-saving Home in Singapore)

  1. Hi did you do any shoe cabinet?
    Do you mind to share the quotation of what you have done? Seems like not alot of carpentry work.

    • Hi Mrs Tan, I did not do any shoe cabinets as I had a built-in one already. For quotations, you can what’s app to 85947898 directly as all quotations would differ according to dimensions and scope of work. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Wow another great article from you! You’ve always been such a huge help for other people like me that would like to learn more about our curtains, carpets/rugs, mattresses, etc. You always inspire me. I would also like to help our with our upholstery cleaning servicesJust visit our site for more details.

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