[Review] LEAGOO’s Shark 1 Smartphone, Singapore

I have heard about the LEAGOO’s Shark 1 smartphone from my friends before and I am so excited that it is now available in Singapore.

In this post, I will be un-boxing the Shark 1 and providing you with a preview of the phone.10What is LEAGOO?

LEAGOO is a star brand launched in April 2014 by Shenzhen OTEDA Technology. It aims to supply high quality smartphones and has its own R&D team to help build LEAGOO into an international brand. The LEAGOO Shark 1 was launched in Singapore in end April 2016 and was sold out to distributors. It has since been restocked at retail stores.

Let’s begin with the un-boxing!

The Shark 1 I received is in Galaxy White. ❤ 11In case you are wondering what the green soft toy is, it is not any random toy I have at home but its the mascot for LEAGOO. It is so super cute and I couldn’t resist taking a selfie with it. 🙂
9The contents in the box include the user manual, charging cable and white earphones.1314There is also a matching white case for the white phone I have.15While this phone may be a little heavy for girls, I really love the design. It is simple yet elegant.
design2Other than Galaxy White, it is available in Midnight Black and Champagne Gold too.different colorsBefore I proceed further, here is the specifications for LEAGOO Shark 1.
specificationsAs you can tell, it is packed with many amazing features. At 6300mAh, Shark 1 has the world’s highest Lithium-Polymer battery capacity. It takes just 30 minutes to fully charge the phone for one entire day’s usage. The Shark 1 is able to charge other devices like a power bank too!30 mins chargeIt also features a six-inch full HD screen with a pixel density up to 368 ppi for incredible viewing experience.
display screenTo give it more processing power, it is running on 64-bit 1.3GHz octacore processor and 3GB RAM. This makes it great for gamers out there. 🙂

So anyway, I am going to try out the smartphone in its entirety and will provide my honest opinions soon. Stay tuned! ❤20The LEAGOO Shark 1 retails at S$399 and is available at about 100 stores island-wide.

Visit their official website and Facebook page below to find out more about the smartphone.




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