Best designed metro station in Taiwan – Kaohsiung Formosa Boulevard Station [美丽岛捷运站]

Having been to different metro stations in Taiwan, I must vow that the Formosa Boulevard Station (美丽岛捷运站), located in the southern part of the island in Kaohsiung, is the best designed one. It is even nicer than what we have in Singapore. Really good job!

Before I visited Kaohsiung, I did a research online and saw all the amazing photos of the MRT station and I decided to put it into the itinerary as one of the must-go-places in Kaohsiung. 🙂kaohsiung_mrt_map with StarThis station is located right at the intersection of the red line and the orange line, referred to as the R10 or O5 station in the KMRT System Map. (P.S.: I have placed a red star beside the station in the map above for your easy reference.) The station is really accessible. As long as you are at the subway station in Kaohsiung, you can just take the train to this station. Exit from the train and you will see this underground artwork. ^^

Here’s how the sign looks like.

station sign

Marvel at the excellent design once you step out of the station. We were there at around 8pm. There weren’t a lot of people so there was adequate space for us to take photos around the place, without the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

WS Station design

This station is known for this “Dome of Light”, dubbed to be the largest glass work in the world. It is designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. Made up of 4500 glass panels, this dome spans 30 metres in diameter so it is really big. You definitely wouldn’t miss this amazing feature in the Kaohsiung network.

WS Station design 2

Spot ME!

WS Station with jt

Within the metro station, there is also a series of 3D artwork that you wouldn’t miss. This art installation is done by successful 3D street artist Su Chia-hsien (苏家贤), better known as Tu Lung (图龙). He draws inspiration from wold renowned US artist Kurt Wenner and he is currently touted as the top 3D street artist in the Chinese-speaking region.

Unfortunately, this installation is a tad faded, not as nice as what it should have been. Read more about it via the news article over here by Taipei Times.

Jj with artwork 2Jj with artwork

The estimated duration of stay at this station is 20 minutes, including photo taking. You can exit the station for nearby attractions thereafter. The most popular one would be the Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市), also spelt as Liouhe Night Market (EXIT 11). Others would include the Jhongshan Wedding Street (EXIT 4) and the Nanhua Night Market (EXIT 3).


Formosa Boulevard Station at Kaohsiung, Taiwan [美丽岛捷运站@高雄,台湾]

What’s so good: The massive colorful dome located underground. Good for photo-taking. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

What’s not so good: I thought that I might probably spend quite a lot of time in there since it is such a big dome but it turns out that allocating 20 minutes for the entire metro station is more than enough. Be prepared to exit the station, walk about 1 minute to the Liuhe Night Market.

If you are keen to visit~

Address: No.115, Zhongshan 1st Rd., Sinsing Dist., Kaohsiung City 800, Taiwan

Directions: There are two MRT lines in the Kaohsiung MRT system, the Red line and the Orange line. This station is located right at the intersection of the two lines. Refer to the MRT map above for more information.

Operating Hours: 6am-12am (Daily)

Official Website:


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