[Review] Changi Recommends: Overseas Travel Wifi Router Rental and Flight Watch

[All photos in this post are taken on the ASUS ZenFone Selfie]

I started out as a travel blogger, sharing my trips to India, Thailand, Taiwan and many more. I know perfectly well how it feels not being able to stay connected while overseas so in this post, I would like to introduce you guys to the overseas wifi router rental by Changi Recommends. (I would also be introducing their latest service called Flight Watch!)

As Singaporeans, price matters. I did a comparison on all the wifi router packages out there on Google and it turns out that the rental fee charged by Changi Recommends is pretty cheap! It costs only $5 per day for Taiwan and $20 per day for Europe. You don’t even need to go through the hassle of securing a local sim card and figuring out how to activate it! See below for the detailed price chart. 🙂
wifi charges

The collection is highly convenient too! You don’t have to spend extra time and money to travel to the specific offices/outlets to collect these routers as they have counters at all 3 Changi Airport Terminals (unless you are travelling by sea, you would most likely be heading to the airport!). For me, I recently took Singapore Airlines to London and collected the wifi router from Terminal 3 Arrival Hall. This is how the Changi Recommends counter looks like.


It took me less than 10 minutes to collect the wifi router! Talk about efficiency. ❤


This is how the Changi Recommends wifi router for Europe looks like. (The brand of the routers may differ depending on the countries you are travelling to.)

Well, I am just glad that one portable router can keep you connected  across Europe. I mean, when most of us go to Europe, we will definitely travel around different countries instead of staying in one. For my recent trip, I was in London, Paris and Amsterdam. Love these three places especially the windmills~

The wifi router comes in a blue pouch.

wifi router

The user manual is inside the pouch.

Do take note of the fair usage policy for different countries. For Europe, it was stated that the daily fair usage was 400MB and network speed will slow down after you have exceeded the data fair usage. For me, 3 people (me, my mum and my bf) were connected through the same router and we were able to use it for the full 24h (other than some occasions when we were underground). Rather pleased with this router! Rmb to charge it fully before you leave the hotel.

wifi router 3

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how the set-up process looks like.

Basically, you will have to (1) switch it on (2) wait for it to load (3) press on “ok” to start the roaming service (4) press “ok” again to agree to consuming one day of data roaming service and voila! You don’t need to depend on public hotspots which are often either patchy or highly troublesome to connect to.
wifi user guide 1 wifi user guide 2

This device really helped me stay connected with my readers and sponsors on the go when I was in Europe! 🙂

Of course, this wifi router came in extremely handy when we got lost too. The train rides in Europe can be pretty complicated!


My final verdict is that this device certainly serves as a great travel companion. It can connect up to 8 devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets) simultaneously so your friends and family will be sure to stick to you to stay connected! 🙂

wifi details

To rent a wifi router for your upcoming trip, just head on to the Changi Recommends website here.

Well, if you navigate over to the Changi Recommends page, you would also spot their new complimentary service called Flight Watch.

In my opinion, this is a great service for lazy people like me who loves travelling but don’t have the habit of checking the confirmed flight schedule before leaving the house. If your flight is delayed, I guess you can always chill at Changi Airport but what if it gets cancelled? You would have wasted that trip to the airport.

So anyway, you can easily sign up for this service on their website. It was a really straight forward process for me as I just had to fill in the flight details and my mobile number.


Within a minute, I received an SMS from Changi Recommends on my flight details. (Seriously, such high efficiency.)

I thought that was all but the next morning, I actually received two other SMSes; one on my gate number and the other one informing me that the flight will be departing. How awesome is that!


All in all, glad to have discovered these two amazing services by Changi Recommends. They are so practical and most importantly, they work! 😀wifi31

Lastly, many thanks to Felicia from Changi Recommends for the handwritten note. Will definitely rent this handy overseas wifi router again! 🙂wifi32



12 responses to “[Review] Changi Recommends: Overseas Travel Wifi Router Rental and Flight Watch

  1. Hi,

    I am travelling to Europe in mar. Is considering changi recommend too. But the data limit of 400mb turns me away.

    I would like to know how the connection was when exceed the data limit of 400mb? Still can stay connected and surf net throughout?


    • Hi Von, yes I was still able to stay connected but the speed was slightly slower. Maybe that was because there were about 4 devices connected to the wifi router at the same time too! 🙂

      • Hi Tina,

        Thank you for your promo reply 😉

        So to say i shall not worry even I am a heavy social media user? I will be sharing the device will my hub and he will need to reply emails along the way. I am very worried about the data limit that can’t allow us to use in a day. And it will be a pain. Haha

      • Hi Von, it should be fine but gentle reminder that you can’t access the wifi underground (the same should apply to other routers) and rmb to charge it fully if you are going to use it for a full day! 🙂

      • Hi Tina,

        Phew~ ok I am relieve now! Still cracking my head earlier to look for unlimited data routers until I saw your blog. 🙂

  2. Hello… How long does the router last with each charge? According to the changi recommends website, it says up to 4h when connected to 6 devices, which seem to be on the low side? Thks!

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  4. Hi, do i need to register with Singtel/m1/starhub for overseas roaming or buy an overseas prepaid card to tag with this overseas wifi router? Or just simple as just rent the router and that’s it!! Thanks

    • Hi Geok Lan! Nope, this works as a wifi device. Once you land, rmb to turn off the auto-roaming and 3G/4G etc to avoid roaming charges. You just have to log in using the password that is given and you would be connected via wifi. No need to register with telcos. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

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