[Review] Alilo Bunny – Multi-functional Digital Player for Babies

Baby Wong is 9 months old! As he grows older, it gets increasingly hard to keep him entertained. We always have to think of new ways to engage him so that he wouldn’t keep whining (LOL, yes.. He whines when he gets bored!).

Guess what? We introduced a new toy, the Alilo G7 Big Bunny, and he loved it! That’s a big win for mummy. 😀4This Alilo Big Bunny looks super adorable! It comes in three colours – blue, pink and yellow. It is a multi-functional digital player that is specially designed for children and can be used as an early educational assistant through the playback of stories, songs and poems etc. It also works great as a toy and a night light.

This is how the box looks like.12The contents of the box include bunny remote control, instruction manual and a USB cable for charging and updating of content in the Alilo Big Bunny.5The great thing for lazy parents like me is that this digital player is already preloaded with nursery rhymes, lullabies, bedtime stories and even Chinese poems!
alilo album 1 alilo album 3
alilo album 2

There’s also  三字经and 百家姓which I find really interesting and they are frequently on loop for Baby Wong! Haha 😀

Also, as Baby Shark has been really effective in distracting him, I downloaded it into the Alilo Bunny for him too! It can store up to 8GB of content so you can pretty much download as many songs and stories as you would like. There is also a voice recording function where you can record your own voice and play it back to your baby. Baby Wong was really intrigued by this!
baby shark
Just see how excited he is with the Alilo Bunny!
43375114_236653167205047_5816897852214870016_nWhen he gets super excited these days, he would start creating puddles everywhere (you know what I mean!).43419016_317112412173675_4811826203021279232_nI was really surprised that he knew how to adjust the volume by turning the bunny tail at the back too! 43505710_1284522658355235_6383097858928672768_nThe great thing is that there are no sharp edges and it is drop resistant so I can leave Baby Wong to play by himself while I do the household chores or prepare his meals.

If you have noticed,  the bunny’s head and ears can light up which will help in their sensory development. 1110Mummy here uses the bunny as a night light too. 12All in all, I am really pleased with this new toy that Baby Wong has and I think he adores it too!

Anyway, don’t worry, the soft ears are made from RoHS compliant silicone which is safe for babies to chew on! That’s another smart design.43323048_549150975526776_2081042595579953152_nIn fact, this bunny is switched on almost the entire day and papa dances to the tunes with baby when he is back from work too!
43368925_1019396864913963_891445360210214912_nThe Alilo G7 Big Bunny retails at $119.90 on the official website www.alilo.sg. You can click here for more product info. Great news for all my readers, you can quote “FMW10OFF” to enjoy 10% off this Big Bunny! The discount is valid till 30 Nov 2018. 

Have fun playing with your babies and thanks for reading! ❤

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