[Review] Heguru at Sembawang Shopping Centre, Singapore

Time really flies and my cheeky Baby Wong is now 7 months old! ❤

Rather than cooping up at home the entire day, we have decided to send him for weekly classes at Heguru Sembawang (located at Sembawang Shopping Centre). 1If you haven’t heard, Heguru is one of the most popular early childhood right brain development methods in Singapore. It is developed in Japan and has over 30 years of extensive research and practicum to ensure its efficacy.

The programme emphasises on developing critical and creative thinking through fun-filled ways. I was convinced after watching videos on how kids could memorise things super quickly after attending classes with Heguru. Well, it would be great if Baby Wong could help mummy here remember the groceries I need to buy to save me another trip to the supermarket right? :p

Anyway, this education centre is located at level 3 of SSC and it is really spacious. All parents and students are required to sanitise their hands before attending class. 234While we were waiting, we took a wefie to mark his first lesson! He must be wondering what’s happening. Haha38489394_697128637304712_3466217600634060800_nAs it was our first class, we had to attend a short briefing session to understand how the class would be conducted and the things that we would need to take note of. There were also handouts for every session.
6The lesson started with Teacher Jamie calling out our kids’ names. For those who could already walk, they would walk over to Teacher Jamie and pass her their names. As for Baby Wong, he could only do his army crawling. 🙂 8I had initially thought that the Heguru method would be all about flash cards. I was surprised that there were loads of different teaching materials and songs that they use too.9.1See how engaged Baby Wong and the other babies were!9
10.1I laughed when I saw the photo below as he looked so focused and earnest!38032811_10160963784715508_6230174783850414080_nHe was also thrilled to explore loads of new things like these magnetic shapes. We have never played with magnets before.  10Overall, it was an enriching session for both mummy and Baby Wong and I would recommend this to all parents!


(1) It is a good chance to meet and interact with other infants and toddlers.

(2) Encourages parent-child bonding.

(3) Your kid can learn while having fun which is really important for his/her age.

(4) It enables him/her to get used to a classroom setting before school going age.

(5) Oh well, who doesn’t want a smarter kid? 😀

Here’s a photo of Baby Wong with Teacher Jamie.
12Good news! If you are keen to sign up for classes at Heguru Sembawang, quote my name “Tina” to enjoy 75% off registration fee and bring home a limited edition Heguru bag for one term sign-up (8 lessons). You would also get an additional box of flash cards if you sign up for 2 terms of classes. Take note that this is only valid at Sembawang branch and till 30 Aug 2018.

Cya around and stay tuned for more! ❤

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Heguru @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

Address: Sembawang Shopping Centre, 604 Sembawang Road, #03-09/10 Singapore 758459

Contact No.: 6659 1449

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