Tian Wei Signature: Confinement Food Catering in Singapore

I have heard many stories about women having weaker body constitution after delivering and the reason was that they did not do a “proper confinement”. I am not sure if there is a strong basis for this but I certainly did not want to risk it.

Other than engaging a confinement nanny from PEM Confinement Nanny Agency, I also decided to order confinement food catering in Singapore [28 Days Double (Lunch and Dinner) Package] from Tian Wei Signature2When I was still pregnant, I had the chance to try out Tian Wei Signature’s trial meal which was delivered right to my doorstep and I found the food really yummy. The portion was HUGE but I actually managed to finish everything. Oops!

I still remembered that when I was enjoying the food, I sent photos of the meal to my hubby and asked him why Tian Wei Signature knew what I liked (LOL) as they were all my favourite food! Their signature trial comes with 3 bite sized dishes of Fusion meals and 3 bite sized dishes of Traditional meals. It will have rice of the day (which will not be plain white rice), braised pork trotter in black vinegar, broccoli with mushrooms, Coq Au Vin, Quinoa Salsa, Seared Salmon, Milky Papaya Fish Soup, Dessert and 2 cups of red dates tea (1 Litre). Such wide variety of dishes gives mummies like me who haven’t ordered confinement meals before a better idea of what we will be receiving thereafter.

Well, just take a look at the food. Yummy! This signature trial is priced at $40. How amazing it is to have such confinement food catering in Singapore!
Anyway, as I had a confinement nanny, I only arranged for the Tian Wei Signature confinement meals to be sent after the nanny left as I knew that I would not have the time to cook. It also helped me in doing an “extended confinement” by continuing with the nutritious confinement food.

Honestly, I really looked forward to receiving these red thermal bags everyday and seeing the friendly delivery aunties. 🙂5 6If you have checked out Tian Wei Signature’s website, you would know how much such confinement meal packages cost. The 28 Days Double package that I had was priced at $1,688 (remember to use the promo code “followmywanders” to enjoy $148 off Tian Wei Signature’s 28 days double package). That said, I felt that the price tag was justified, especially when the portions were huge and could be shared with my MIL/hubby (depending on whomever is around).

Check out some of the meals I had over the 28 days! I must confess that there were several days that I was just too hungry and decided to skip the photo taking. Hehee…12 1415.1If you have spotted the trend, each meal comes with:

  • A meat dish (fish/pork/chicken)
  • A veg dish
  • A staple (rice/noodles)
  • A soup/dessert
  • 2 cups (one litre) of red date tea

These dishes are also super breastfeeding friendly and in fact, many are known to boost milk supply! There is fenugreek green papaya fish soup, wide variety of fish (I love salmon best!), barley millet rice and toasted oats millet mixed rice etc. Woohoo~

Alright, let’s continue with part 2 of my confinement meals. ^^13 20
19 18
17 16I don’t really like eating rice but I ended up loving rice during those 28 days as they are not the usual kind of rice that you would cook at home. I love their fried rice so much! ❤10 As the 28 days of meals coincide with Chinese New Year, I was also pleasantly surprised by the special dishes that they had prepared for all mummies! Honestly speaking, confinement was really boring for me and such things simply made my day! Just take a look at the Prosperity Fish Agar Agar (年年有鱼琼脂) and the Eight Treasure Pen Cai (八宝盆菜)! 😀tianwei cny
tianwei cny2tianwei cny3Also, ordering confinement food catering in Singapore nowadays is just so modernised and happening. You can place an order online and check out the daily menu online too!menu

Here’s the list of prices which I downloaded from their website. As I have mentioned above, you can use the promo code “followmywanders” to enjoy $148 off Tian Wei Signature’s 28 days double package. Woohoo!Tian-wei-confinement-food-package

That’s all from me on my Tian Wei confinement food review and here’s a photo of me enjoying my meal. I would certainly be ordering from Tian Wei again for my future confinement(s)! ❤Confinement Food Catering in SingaporeFor more on confinement food catering in Singapore, visit www.tianweisignature.com.


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