Review of PEM Confinement Nanny Agency (Part 2)

I have earlier shared on the reasons why I decided to engage a confinement nanny from PEM Confinement Nanny Agency. Now that I have ended my confinement and looking back at those 28 days, I must say that I am really thankful that I did so as it is extremely important to rest well and to ensure that baby is taken care of by someone experienced!PEM Confinement ReviewThroughout my pregnancy, I always thought that a gynae’s job is very siong as they have to be on call 24/7 and deal with emergencies but after my confinement, I feel that confinement nannies have it worse.

Just take a look at the long list of tasks that a nanny has to handle on a daily basis:

  • Preparation of nutritious confinement food (including herbal soup and red date tea)
  • Preparation of confinement bath with traditional bathing herbs to help improve blood circulation
  • Taking care of baby at night (this is super important to ensure that mummies have adequate rest to replenish and recuperate)
  • Laundry for mother and baby
  • Experienced advice and tips on confinement practices
  • Bathing and feeding of newborn
  • Breastfeeding assistance (apparently, these nannies are trained on proper latching methods as well as various breastfeeding positions. I find this extremely helpful as a first time mum!)
  • Sterilisation of baby items
  • Changing of baby diapers

As I have mentioned earlier, the nanny who was assigned to me, Sin Nooi, does not sleep at all! Now that I have been taking care of baby myself, I wonder how she does it. I feel that I am almost like a walking zombie from the lack of sleep. LOL

So anyway, I have captured some photos of the things that Sin Nooi did during my confinement.

Bathing of Baby Wong

Sin Nooi would prepare the water, undress baby and then begin bathing him. Given her years of experience, she was swift in her moves and this is really important or baby would start fussing which would make it harder to bathe him.
Wearing of clothes and swaddling

After bathing, baby would be wiped dry and properly clothed. For the first 2 weeks, baby was also swaddled to give him a sense of security.
Feeding baby

When it comes to feeding, I must give Sin Nooi credits for being extremely patient with baby as he can take almost an hour to finish his milk! Sometimes, he would even fall asleep and refuse to drink.

I would always see Sin Nooi patiently coaxing him and waking him up to finish it and I really admire her for it.
42Attending pediatrician consultations 

Sadly, as baby has jaundice, we made quite a few trips to Thomson Medical to see his pediatrician. Thankfully, as Sin Nooi has seen many jaundice cases, she prepped us on what to prepare for and packed the diaper bag for every visit. She was also carrying baby around and distracting him from all the painful blood tests. So glad that she was around! 43Other than taking great care of baby, she also takes good care of me.

Preparation of red date tea

She would boil red date tea every morning in the pink pot below and then transfer them out to smaller thermos flasks so that it is more convenient for me to bring the tea around and drink wherever I want to. 45This is really random but she also told me to sit down whenever I drink or it may lead to urinary incontinence. My mum has been saying that too! Not sure how true this is but I am just so used to drinking while walking around. Oh no!

Cooking of meals

Sin Nooi manages her time very well. When baby falls asleep after feeding, she would start cooking. Scroll down for some of the dishes she cooked. I love the desserts she makes. ❤
21 22
27 I would also like to highlight that my nanny shows a lot of initiative. In the late afternoon, she would ask me whether I would like an apple and then cut them into really small pieces for me so that it is easy for me to eat when I am pumping. It is all these small gestures that make a great nanny!18Pro-breastfeeding

I cannot stress this further but if you are planning to breastfeed your baby, it is really important to get a nanny who is pro-breastfeeding. Sin Nooi would bring baby to me when he is hungry. Thereafter, she would also check in with me on when I would like to do my pumping and would make sure that all the pump parts are sterilised beforehand. After sterilising, she would place them in my tupperware containers and put them on my bedside table. She would also ensure that the red date tea is within reach.  14 15She also taught me how to store expressed breast milk.
16As you can see, a confinement nanny really has endless tasks to do and I totally can’t imagine doing all these things myself. While it comes with a price tag, it is certainly worth every penny for all the rest and recuperation I get after delivery. I would definitely get a confinement nanny next time too.

Anyway, something to highlight about PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is that they would actively ask for feedback on their nannies’ performance. The day before Sin Nooi left, she passed me this feedback form and an envelope to seal it back once I was done.  2829Before I end this post, here’s sharing more photos of Sin Nooi with the family and a BIG THANK YOU to her for supporting us during this confinement period. 31

30 PEM Confinement Review 2Thanks for reading and stay tuned to my next post on updates of my life after nanny left! ❤


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