My Shopping Experience with 【博客来】

When I did my university exchange at National Chengchi University, I saw many students collecting parcels sent by (博客来) from the nearby 7-11. Out of curiosity, I visited their website and saw heaps and heaps of books listed on the site and many of them were on discounted prices. I guess that explains why these NCCU students were all ordering from there.

This time round, to satisfy my “craving” to read more Chinese books, I decided to place an order with them. Of course, it is super exciting to have something delivered all the way from Taiwan. 🙂10As there were so many books (in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese etc), I spent 2 days browsing through identifying the ones I really want to read. I placed my order on 22 July 2017 (Sat) and received an SMS for the collection of the parcel at my chosen 7-Connect locker on 26 Jul 2017 (Wed).  That’s just 4 days apart! Speaking of efficiency. ❤

Look at the box above, it was delivered via China Airlines!

Let’s take a look at what I have ordered~ 11Other than books, I could not resist buying some snacks, beauty products and a sweater for myself as well.
12The books are so interesting and I started reading them right away. In fact, I almost finished reading one of the books within a night.

Oh well, I just haven’t been reading traditional Chinese books in a long time and once the craving comes, it is hard to stop. 🙂 13.1Since I spent two days selecting all the items, I love every single one of them. I must highlight that the quality of the books are really good and I am pretty sure that they have been carefully curated by the team before they are publicised on the site.

One of my favourite books would be this drawing guide book called 最可爱的描摹画画练习帖. It is written by a Japanese girl Hashiasako who loves drawing. It provides step by step guide on how to draw adorable puppies, bears, human characters and many more. This is the perfect book for peeps who love drawing but can’t really draw well (that would be me)!
13 1415Being a fan of soaps, I also bought two soap bars. The one on the left (茶籽绿豆薏仁洁颜皂) is made in Taiwan whereas the Aleppo Soap is made in Syria. How exotic! I have tried out the Aleppo Soap and I find it pretty decent. It smells really natural and leaves my face feeling very clean and yet, there is no tightness. Will definitely continue using it. ❤16I also bought dried guava from Taiwan and pudding that is from Kobe, Japan. I am sure you would agree with me that the packaging is so cute! 🙂
17I’ve also decided to check out their fashion section. The variety is not that wide but I spotted a knitted sweater that I really like and I decided to order it. This is how it looks like on

When it arrived, I opened it immediately and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It is really thick and super smooth. Awesome!
18After the brief introduction to some of the items I have ordered, here’s a little guide on how to order from

(1) It is important to make sure that the items you have selected can be delivered to Singapore. Some of the items on their website can only be sent within Taiwan. If you have chosen such items, do remove them from the shopping cart or you would not be able to perform overseas payment and have them sent to you.

(2) Check your shopping cart carefully before confirming the order. There are loads of bundle promotions (e.g. 3 books for $399) and you would be alerted of such promotions in your shopping cart before you check-out.books 10(3) When you proceed to check-out, remember to select the 海外结账(overseas payment) option which I have circled in red below.
books 11 (4) Thereafter, you can choose the 7-Connect locker where you would like to collect your parcel. For me, I chose the one at Sembawang since it is nearest to my new place. Click here to see the full list of lockers where you can collect your orders.books 12(5) After successfully placing the order, you would receive an email to confirm your order. All you need to do is to wait for it to reach Singapore! 🙂
books 13Overall, I had a great experience shopping at The delivery is fast and the quality of the products is awesome! There is also a wide range of products ranging from books, beauty items to food. Remember to check it out for yourself!

 +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

Major Announcement: From 7 Aug 2017, would be launching an English interface for international consumers like us! You can click here for more.

There would also be 2 very attractive promotions for overseas sign-up and purchases.

  • Between 7 Aug to 7 Sep 2017, you would receive a TWD200 e-coupon with every new sign-up.
  • Between 7 Aug to 16 Aug 2017, you would receive a TWD200 e-coupon with every overseas purchase.

Start shopping guys! Have a Happy National Day! 🙂

Thanks! ❤

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