Our Ipoh Wedding Banquet X Zamour Weddings Bespoke Gowns

24 June 2017 marks the day of our wedding banquet in Ipoh, Malaysia.

If you recall, Jj and I had earlier organised a wedding solemnisation in Singapore on 20 Feb 2016 and a housewarming cum wedding reception at our new place on 14 May 2017.

We had zero inclinations to hold a wedding banquet of our own as we know the troubles that we have to go through. That said, we totally had no idea why we just decided to have one this year together with all the other Chinese traditional ceremonies. LOL

Here’s a peek at our big day!1 2Honestly, we are really thankful to the hotel for all their deco. ❤

We started with the traditional tea ceremony at one of their event rooms.
6After the tea ceremony, I had time to go back to the room to touch up and I added a little crown.

Anyway, I am super in love with this wedding gown. It is indeed my dream wedding gown. I just love off-shoulder design and the fact that it comes with a super dramatic long train. ❤7And yes, this is a bespoke wedding gown from Zamour Weddings. I found this company on Facebook when I was doing research on bespoke wedding gowns in Singapore and I fell in love with their designs immediately as they are simply exquisite!

Oh well, how can I not fall in love with such a gown?
8Jj’s suits are from Zamour Weddings too and I just love the cutting. The material is really good too. 910 After our first march-in, the food was served. There was much excitement during the food presentation as they actually used sparklers and so many of our guests quickly took out their phones to capture videos.

Oh well, you would only get to see this in Malaysia.. 🙂11.1Much to our delight, the food was pretty decent. There were games and interactions that followed.
11.2 11.411.3 11.5Of course, cake-cutting is a must.
11Then, we had a second march-in (with my princess-like lilac gown) and we decided to give a speech.

I can never hold back my tears when it comes to this time and I cried so badly. In fact, whenever I attend other people’s weddings, I would cry too. Haha13And finally, we went table-to-table for photo taking. We were so happy that our family and friends all came to attend the banquet, especially those from Singapore and JB! ❤
18 19Candid shot 🙂
Jun Jie _ Jing Ting-647This concludes the post on our wedding banquet in Ipoh. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our family and friends again for attending our wedding. WE ARE REALLY THANKFUL! ❤21Who knows, there might be exciting news coming up soon! You just have to subscribe to my blog for more. 🙂
12Lastly, special thanks to Zamour Weddings by Zanncreations for the lovely gowns and suits. Our big day would be way different without you! ❤zamourVisit their website and Facebook page for more gorgeous photos!




3 responses to “Our Ipoh Wedding Banquet X Zamour Weddings Bespoke Gowns

  1. Tina, you look absolutely amazing! I agree with the off-shoulder design. Outstanding gown. A dream wedding gown and wedding! Congratulations again!! 🙂

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