Printing Name Cards Online X Gogoprint Singapore

Ever since I started blogging, I knew it was important to have a name card where I could just list out my blog address and all the links to the various social media pages. Given the hassle to get them printed, I would usually task Jj to get it done via his printing contacts. This time round, I decided to do it myself using a new online printing website called Gogoprint.1Surprisingly, you can get almost everything printed just by a few clicks of the mouse. You can print business cards, wedding invitations, flyers, postcards etc.2Most importantly, there is free delivery within Singapore! 🙂 3.1What I really like are the transparent prices and convenience.

You can choose the type of paper quality, the quantity that you want to print, the finishing (lamination matte, rounded corners etc) and the estimated date of delivery. All the prices would be listed accordingly. If you are satisfied with your selection, you can simply proceed to make payment and upload your design. As simple as that. 🙂 3For me, I am typically quite a noob at using such online platforms but I managed to place my order within 15 mins of exploring the website. Phew!

I was so happy to receive my name cards a week later and they are so pretty!
5I chose the usual 9 X 5.4 cm name card size and selected the rounded corners option. Take a look at the front and back – I blurred out my mobile number below to protect my privacy. 6Oh well, I really love it! The quality is superb! ❤
11Undoubtedly, it is just so convenient to be able to upload your designs, get them printed and sent straight to your place. I am so glad to be introduced to Gogoprint!
14 Thanks for the great job! ❤15If you are keen to get your designs printed, there is a promotion of 20% off your first purchase for orders above $100. Have fun! 🙂


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