Healthier Scalp with TK Trichokare @ Novena, Singapore

Ever since my last review on TK Trichokare at Orchard Gateway, I have received numerous queries from readers and friends if it is worth getting a scalp package with them.

Well, I would like to reassure you guys that I would never share something that I would not want to pay for myself. In fact, I have been sponsored a product recently. As I did not see any results, I have decided not to review it as I do not want any of you to waste your money.

The branch that I recently went to was at Velocity@Novena Square (just above Novena MRT Station). Not surprisingly, I was amazed by the results again. You definitely have to read on and see the ‘before and after’ scalp images later.

Introduction of TrichoKare

TrichoKare is a leading trichological centre in Singapore that features customised European herbal hair remedies formulated by professional herbalist. Its therapy treatment consists of European herbs infusions, which are premium, natural and free from harsh chemicals.
Hair ProblemsIts treatments cover all hair and scalp problems including:

– Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Hair Loss)
– Female Pattern Hair Loss
– Post-partum Alopecia (Hair loss after child birth)
– Post-menopause Hair Loss
– Alopecia Areata (Hair loss in distinct patches)
– Seborrhea Oleosa (Greasy scalp)
– Pityriasis Capitis (Dandruff)
– Dry and brittle hair
11When I entered, I was brought into the consultation room to undergo the microscopic hair and scalp analysis. I feel so bare under the high-tech equipment! Me and the gorgeous branch supervisor, Vionn Tan. She has been with TrichoKare for around 4 years and is clearly very knowledgeable.
12Other than the scanning, there was also a hair fall test which saw me shedding three strands of hair! 😦
14Here’s Vionn going through the photos of the scalp analysis with me.13As you can see, there are hardened sebum (white glossy patches) around the hair follicles and there are small white flakes which means that I actually have dandruff problem. I didn’t even know that!
15.1Right after the scan, it was time to get the treatments done. Of course, there were many different steps involved in the TrichoKare treatment to achieve cleaner and healthier scalp. I wouldn’t be going through all the various procedures but I really love the deep sea mineral mask (see photo below) and…16Tadaa~ This infrared light machine! I just feel that there is a UFO hovering above my head. LOL17Just to reassure you guys, there is no discomfort during any part of the treatment. This step helps in improving blood circulation and better absorption of the tonic that has been applied on the scalp. 22Once all the steps have been completed, it is time for another scan.19Just take a look at how clean my scalp is! *gasp*20As promised, the shocking ‘before and after’ photo. The hardened sebum has been removed and the dandruff has miraculously disappeared. My scalp just looks extremely healthy now. The results are so obvious and remarkable!21Oh well, I guess that’s why TrichoKare has won so many awards including the Elle Beauty Treat List 2017, Her World Spa Awards 2016, Bazaar Hair Awards 2016 and Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2016. Over the years, celebrities like Xiaxue, Jaynesh and Anand have also visited TrichoKare to have their hair problems solved. tk2TrichoKare has a special promo right now where they are offering their award-winning Hair Densifying Treatment at $40. There would also be free FolliGRO Ampoule and an Energy Serum. It is worth $743 in total! Hurry grab this promo while it lasts! Click here to sign up! 

Let’s start celebrating clean and healthy scalp! ❤

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TK TrichoKare Singapore

(1) Velocity@Novena Square #03-19 (Novena MRT Station)

(2) The Clementi Mall #05-11 (Clementi MRT Station)

(3) nex #02-24 (Serangoon MRT Station)

(4) orchardgateway #02-12 (Somerset MRT Station)

(5) Compass One #04-10 (Sengkang MRT Station)

Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 7pm (Weekends and Public Holidays)


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