Lazada’s 3rd Birthday Surprise Box X Kinohimitsu, 21-23 Mar 2017

I am a big fan of online shopping as I can just buy things at a cheaper price without having to worry about carrying them home since they will be delivered right to my doorstep.

Of course, fans of online shopping like me would certainly have heard of Lazada which is one of Singapore’s top e-commerce sites.

Good news, Lazada is celebrating its 3rd Birthday from 21 to 23 March 2017! This means that there will be loads of exciting promotions coming your way. 🙂

One of the most attractive deals would be the branded surprise boxes..surprise boxHonestly, even though I knew that Lazada would be sending over a box to me, I still got pleasantly surprised by the size of the box. It is really big!10As this is Lazada’s 3rd Anniversary, they want to make it massive and offer an extraordinary range of marked down products and flash sales.

They have also partnered with 17 brands including Kinohimitsu, Laneige, Nivea, Maybelline to curate exclusive branded boxes priced at $29 nett, containing items originally worth more than $100.
11.1111.111My surprise box contains 3 beauty supplements from Kinohimitsu. Since this is a surprise box, I would only be revealing 2 of the products in this post. The last one is for you to find out when you order the box for yourself. 😀11.111111Let’s take a look at the products in the box. ❤12The first item is the Kinohimitsu Be White beauty supplement (30 days’ supply).13.11This whitening supplement packs Tomato Extract, Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract and Glutathione in its capsules to promote fair and smooth skin.  It also helps to protect your skin against harmful UV rays and replenish vitamins needed by the skin to bring about brightening effects.  The long list of benefits include:

  • Skin brightening
  • Healing sunburn skin (tan line, red peeling skin)
  • Lightening freckles and dark spots
  • Inner UV protection
  • Anti-photoageing (wrinkles & sagging skin)

The other product is the Kinohimitsu 2-Day Speed Cleansing detox supplement.13.1I am sure you all would know the benefits of detoxing which include weight loss, better metabolism and improved skin condition.cleansing benefitsThis Kinohimitsu 2-Day Speed Cleansing supplement contains the right ingredients to help your body detox. There is Garcina Cambogia that improves fat burning ability and acai berry that encourages cell and tissue growth. IngredientsI personally think that this is a highly convenient and cost-effective way to detox as you do not need to go about juicing or purchase those expensive detox juices out there.

Good news for all my readers! There is a discount code for new Lazada members and you can get 18% off your purchases just by using this code – WOWTINA18. Do take note that this discount code is only valid from 21-23 March 2017 so use it while it lasts!
13Happy shopping! ❤


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