A Day with the ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360

I am a workaholic and I always ensure that my schedule is packed with as many appointments as possible, even during the weekends. Many of my friends have wondered how I cope with such a busy lifestyle but I guess I just enjoy doing a wide variety of things and meeting people from all walks of life. This is definitely one of the reasons why I decided to be a blogger too.

Let me bring you through my day as a blogger. ❤

8am – 10am

My day usually starts early since I am more productive in the day. Once I get out of bed, I would head to the bathroom and soon after, I would dedicate time to checking my emails, blog posts and Facebook page.100101Typically, it takes about 1-1.5 hours for me to clear my emails and messages. Of course, I would digress and check out interesting FB posts or read the news during this period as well. 10-1Very soon, the hunger pangs would kick in and I would start eating breakfast prepared by my lovely mummy.

10am – 12nn

After satisfying my hunger pangs, it would be time for me to start taking product shots for my upcoming blog posts. I prefer to use natural lighting for my photos so this period of time is extremely important to me.

Here are some shots of my new laptop, the ASUS ZenBook Flip. It is such a gorgeous laptop!2I love this icicle gold color. So atas. 🙂3The best part of it is that it is really versatile and can be flipped open to be a tablet. It is really thin too, making it convenient to bring around.

Here I am demo-ing how the laptop could be flipped open just so easily.6412nn-2pm

This is no doubt that this is the hottest part of the day and I would head back home to grab some food. I would also start preparing for my upcoming appointments.


I am terrible at taking care of my hair and I always rely on my hairdressers to do the job. Recently, I have been entrusting my hair to Charles from Headlines Hairdressing and he is really good! Highly recommended to all of you. I usually go for a haircut or a treatment session before my overseas trips so that it wouldn’t be that hard to manage on the trip.headlines4pm – 9pm

Thereafter, it would be time to either attend events or meet potential sponsors. As Jj and I would be collecting the keys to our new home soon, we have been meeting various groups of people ranging from Fengshui Masters to Interior Designers and lighting companies. We simply can’t wait for our house to be ready for moving in!

Anyway, this 13.3 inch laptop weighs just 1.3kg. I can carry it around with just one hand. ❤11Usually during such meetings, I will be busy typing away either on my laptop or my smartphone so that I do not miss out any details. I am just glad that this ASUS ZenBook Flip has a long battery life of 12 hours so there is no need for me to bring around the charging cable. At the end of the day, I would just charge the laptop at home and continue working on it the next day.  

What’s more, the laptop runs on the 6th generation Intel Core Processor and has a Full HD 1920 X 1080 display. This is what I love about ASUS products as they always ensure the clarity of images which I strongly value. It features a front-facing HD webcam too. Great for people who use Skype to keep in touch with family and friends abroad!
102 103As compared to the other laptops I own, I enjoy the versatility of the ASUS ZenBook Flip. You can simply plonk it in your bag and bring it anywhere. It could function as a laptop and as a tablet when you are on the bus/MRT. It could also be opened up into the tent and presentation modes.flip208As I really love the laptop, I have been taking loads of photos with it. ❤531Visit the official ASUS website for more on the ASUS ZenBook Flip. ❤


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