Review of AFC CHO Renew for Better Intestinal Health

As the saying goes, health is wealth. I cannot stress this further especially after falling pretty sick just 3 months ago and was home bound for 4 full days. It feels terrible to stop eating things that I like and from doing the usual activities I enjoy. So folks, let’s start taking care of our health before it is too late!

Recently, I realised that my frequent travels have taken a toll on my health, especially my intestinal health. I would typically empty my bowels every morning but it just stops completely whenever I travel. Knowing that all those toxins and wastes are stuck in my body makes me extremely groggy as I want my body to be light and healthy.

Here’s introducing to you a simple, safe and effective product to promote your intestinal health~ 10 11CHŌ Renew is specially formulated with 170 billion patented Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)-FK-23 and Bifidus Bacteria BB536, two of the most studied beneficial bacteria which are naturally found in our intestines. It is effective in relieving health issues such as irregular bowel movements, bloating and poor digestion.

Having a clean intestine also helps in improving your immunity and complexion. It reduces bad breath too. Awesome!12Well, this is not my first time trying out AFC’s products. I have previously bought their AFC Tsubaki Ageless drinks and the AFC Collagen Beauty caplets from Watsons and I love them too. Somehow, I just feel that the products are very clean (haha, don’t know why) and they produce pretty good results too.

Unlike other products that contain only probiotics and prebiotics which are easily destroyed by harsh stomach acids and high temperatures, CHŌ Renew is a high potency inner cleansing formula. It also contains skin-loving pure silk peptides to promote skin clarity from inside out.

The CHŌ Renew comes in sachets which makes them easy to carry around. I store them in my makeup pouch.13For me, I usually take the CHŌ Renew after my breakfast. As what’s stated on the box, I would just pour the powder directly into my mouth and then take sips of water to gulp them down. You may get a shock the first few times as the powder would turn really clumpy and jellyish but just keep drinking the water. 🙂14The results are immediate. Every time after taking it in the morning, I would head to the toilet by afternoon to clear my bowels. On other days that I do not consume this powder, there would be no movements until the next morning. LOL

Anyway, gentle reminder again, health is wealth! Poor intestinal health is the root cause of many chronic diseases so be sure to spring clean your gut to remove accumulated intestinal waste. Detoxification is essential in promoting overall wellness especially given the kind of unhealthy processed food that we eat every day. Take note that the CHŌ Renew is not a laxative and it is safe to be consumed on a daily basis.

Look, I even brought them along on my recent trip to UK and I am glad that it helped me conquer my usual “overseas constipation syndrome”. Yay!
20 21The CHŌ Renew retails at S$44.30 at selected Watsons, Unity and Guardian stores. Remember to check it out.

Click here for more information.

Thanks for reading! ❤


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