Rethinking Wedding Ceremonies in Singapore

I currently fall within the age group where most Singaporeans would be getting married. It comes with no surprise that an occasional wedding invitation would be delivered to my house. Of course, I am more than thrilled to attend wedding ceremonies and share the joy of the newly weds – in fact, I would sometimes cry at the part where the bride and groom deliver speeches to thank their parents.

Then again, while I see some purpose in holding grand and fanciful wedding ceremonies at a five or even six star hotels, I am definitely not a fan.

Firstly, it involves loads of time, manpower and proper scheduling. Secondly, I would prefer small and cosy chit-chat sessions. I find it especially awkward to invite guests and then place them on different tables. The only occasion that you would be interacting with them the entire night would be the table-to-table photo taking.

That was why Jj and I decided to get married in a private ceremony in February this year. It was attended by our parents, siblings and grandparents. In fact, the Justice of Peace and photographer were our friends too. In short, there were no strangers. I really enjoyed the company. Also, we wanted to do it at a simple yet nicely decorated restaurant and we chose Blisshouse at The Central.

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Honestly, is it scientifically proven that a bigger and more expensive wedding ceremony would lead to a happier marriage? Well, I have certainly heard of couples quarreling in the lead up to their BIG DAY due to conflicting opinions, and also the couple’s families arguing over the number of tables to be allocated to each side. I would rather have a small private affair rather than creating a ruckus out of it.

What’s more, Jj and I have been together for the longest time ever (10 years plus!), which means our friends and relatives already know who we are spending the rest of our lives with. Most importantly, it also boils down to family support. Both our families are pretty open and have not pressed us on having any traditional ceremonies or big scale wedding ceremonies and that makes us really blessed and relieved. 🙂

Recently, I heard from a friend that one of our mutual friends is looking around for trusted divorce lawyers in Singapore to find out more about the procedure for the divorce process and the relevant paperwork involved. She then recalled that this friend had a really grand wedding where loads of people were invited. That was just two years ago and it is surprising how things have taken a turn for the worse where a divorce lawyer would have to come into the picture. I know that this is just an isolated case but I am just wondering how many more of such cases are there.

The number of your wedding guests, the five or six star hotels that you choose to hold your banquets and the amount in each single angbao you receive that day do not (and should not) determine how happy and long-lasting a marriage would be.

Why not focus on the simpler things in life?

Just a little food for thought here. Feel free to share your opinions too.

[P.S.: I will be travelling to Thailand over the next few days. Photos on the trip will be posted on my official Facebook page. Stay tuned!]


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