[Review] Ma Kuang MKB TCM Wellness Centre, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 【马光保健集团 – 新加坡中医诊所】 Part 2

In my earlier post, I introduced the Ma Kuang MKB TCM Wellness Centre at Pacific Plaza (Orchard), a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic that specialises in beauty and slimming treatments.

In this post, I will show you through the various TCM treatments that I did and share with you my personal experiences.

Well, I have always wanted to try out TCM but I am always uncertain of the pain level and how significant the results would be. My pain threshold is almost zero and as an impatient person, I would like to see results fast. Obviously, to achieve both goals at the same time, it is necessary to visit a well-established and trustworthy TCM clinic.

As I have mentioned, on my first visit to Ma Kuang, I did a health screening and this is my report.reportAfter the report was printed out, I went in to the room for a consultation with my physician, Zeng Wei.  She guided me through the report and told me that my BMI is low and that I have insufficient water content in my body. Also, my stress level is extremely high.

I shared with Physician Zeng that I have long been plagued with menstrual problems and will often faint during the time of the month. She was really concerned and suggested that I should start taking care of my womb. She advised that acupuncture would be useful in such cases.ma kuang singapore

Other than acupuncture 针灸, she also recommended that I do tuina 推拿. We also did cupping 拔罐 in the subsequent sessions to remove the accumulated toxins in my body.

So here’s how the treatment room looks like. As you can see, it is pretty clean and spacious.mkb29This is the TDP lamp that is commonly used at TCM clinics. The lamp is also known as a healing lamp as it emits infrared energy which brings about the healing of inflammation, soft tissue injuries and is also good for people with arthritis. For me, I really love basking under the lamp due to the heat that it emits.mkb29.1A tray filled with sterilised needles. Scary~
mkb30Soon after, Physician Zeng started with the acupuncture. Her actions were really swift. Before I could react, the needle has already been inserted. Within 2 minutes, all the needles were in place and she burnt some Artemisia Argyi 艾草 on top of the needle at my tummy.

I took a TCM course when I was studying in Taiwan and this plant is said to bring about loads of health benefits and is especially good at treating asthma, cold and menstrual problems. Little did I know that it smells pretty good too. 🙂mkb31Well, I have always been scared of needles. While the process of having these small needles inserted into my skin was not that painful, the time lying on the bed waiting for the entire process to be over was a little nerve wrecking. I was just trying to think of other things to distract myself. :p

After the 30-mins acupuncture, it was time for some massage – the TCM way. I really love tuina as it is great in improving blood circulation and to reduce water retention. The tuina was for the whole body and I enjoyed it more than the usual western kind of massages that I do. I guess that’s because the staff at Ma Kuang are trained to target the various acupressure points. ❤
mkb35For subsequent sessions, I did cupping as well. My super hectic lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits (I can’t resist junk food!) have resulted in toxic accumulation and poor blood circulation. Cupping is amazing in dispelling stagnant blood which would then promote healing.

Here they are disinfecting the glass cups.mkb32This is how cupping looks like on your body. They first did it on my tummy and then my back. It was not painful at all but sometimes, if it feels too tight, I will let them know and they would release the pressure within the cup.

After the session, you should expect slight bruising on your skin which would last for about 3 days to a week. I didn’t really mind the bruising as most other people do cupping anyway. 🙂


After 3 sessions with Ma Kuang, my menstrual pain is almost non-existent. My periods became more regular and there were less pre-menstrual symptoms like nasty backaches and stomach bloating.

The other obvious result I have seen was improved blood circulation. Before I visited Ma Kuang, my hands and legs would always be icy cold. Now, they aren’t that cold anymore and I do not see the need in wearing multiple layers of clothes when I am in the office. Yay!

The thing that I am most satisfied with is that I achieved better health without relying on any medications. I simply hate the taste of medicine as they are just so unnatural.

Thanks loads to Ma Kuang for improving my health in a traditional and natural way! ❤

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MKB TCM Wellness Centre (Orchard)

Address: 9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza (Scotts Medical Center) #06-04 Singapore 228210

Tel: 6339 6580

MKB TCM Wellness Centre (Ang Mo Kio)

Address: Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 #01-2829 Singapore 560722

Tel: 6459 3882

Reservations are required. For more information, visit www.mkb.com.sg.

10 responses to “[Review] Ma Kuang MKB TCM Wellness Centre, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 【马光保健集团 – 新加坡中医诊所】 Part 2

  1. Hi Jing Ting! Great post again! I’ve tried acupuncture here in Taiwan and found it a bit uncomfortable, perhaps because I am so used to western medicinal practices. This clinic does look wonderful, though, and they seem to have an attention for detail, which is essential in a wellness place like this. As always, I enjoy your reports. Have a nice weekend! -Dave 🙂

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