[Review] Pure Oxygen Facial with SkinPerfect, Singapore

There is always so much talk about letting your skin breathe and recently, I tried out a skin treatment which achieves just that. It is also one of Hollywood’s beauty secrets. This treatment is none other than the Pure Oxygen Infusion Facial. As it was so hydrating and relaxing, I just can’t wait to share it with all of you. ❤

I visited the SkinPerfect branch at Liat Towers (5 mins walk from Orchard MRT Station) to try out this treatment.

1 4SkinPerfect also has 5 other outlets at Westgate (Jurong East), Toa Payoh Central, Parkway Parade, Yishun Central and Tampines One. They have received numerous awards like the Harper’s Bazaar Spa Awards 2015 for “Best Skin Corrector Facial” and the Simply Her Smart Shoppers Awards 2014 for “Best Face-Sculpting Treatment”.
3Before the treatment, they did a detailed skin analysis for me which was followed by a consultation.5Apparently, the skin analysis showed that I have very sensitive skin!

To think that I have been using many harsh products like the retinoid cream on my skin which will actually aggravate my condition further. Well, I definitely should pay more attention to my skin and take better care of it.
6After the analysis, SkinPerfect’s manager Constance recommended the Pure Oxygen Treatment to me. It is done via a machine which delivers a constant stream of therapeutic grade oxygen into the skin and is effective in skin hydration, healing and cell regeneration. There will be no squeezing during the treatment.

Having worked the entire day, fighting fires big and small, her recommendation sounded great to me.

Shortly after, they showed me to the treatment room.78 9Here’s a close-up of my face before the treatment. As you can tell, it is extremely oily and there are obvious fine lines under my eyes too. Somehow, my eye area has been pretty red lately and I was told by a doctor that it may be an allergic reaction from the hair dye as I just dyed my hair.
10So well, after I made myself comfortable, my beautician came and washed my face clean.11Thereafter, the Pure Oxygen machine was rolled into the treatment room. 12She showed me the serum infuser used to deliver pure oxygen and anti-oxidants deep into the skin.13My beautician was really gentle and explained to me the process before starting.

I was a little worried that it might be painful but the truth is, it is the most relaxing facial I have ever had. The entire feeling was just like a spa treatment where oxygen is continuously pumped into your skin via small water droplets. It just feels as if you have sprayed loads of facial mist on your skin.14Here’s the result after having pure oxygen pumped into the left side of my face (right side of the photo below).
15It is so obvious that my dark eye circle is less apparent and my face is much lifted too. Argh, both sides of my face look so unbalanced!

Of course, having seen the immediate results, I was eager to see the end result. Here it is. 🙂17Wow, I never knew my face could be so sharp! Of course, the fine lines under my eyes are less prominent and my skin looks brighter.

Lastly, they applied a hydrating mask on my face.25Pure Oxygen Facial is effective in providing superior skin hydration, promoting healthy cell growth and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The results are visible after one treatment and there is zero downtime.

This is definitely a treatment that I would recommend to all office ladies! ❤

Good news to all my readers, enjoy a FREE Face Consultation and a 8-Step SkinSaver Treatment at SkinPerfect with GSS promo code “Tina”.

Visit www.skinperfect.com.sg/promotions to make your booking.

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Locations of SkinPerfect, Singapore

Orchard – 541 Orchard Road, #21-03/04 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881

6235 7377

Jurong East – 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate, #03-26, Singapore 608532

6425 6966

Toa Payoh – Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-142, Singapore 310177

6252 0188

Parkway Parade – 80 Marine Parade Road #04-07, Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269

6345 1663

Yishun Central – Blk 931 Yishun Central, #01-105, Singapore 760931

6532 0188

Tampines One – 10 Tampines Central 1, #04-30/31/32, Tampines 1, Singapore 529536

6782 3688



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