[Review] Ma Kuang MKB TCM Wellness Centre, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 【马光保健集团 – 新加坡中医诊所】 Part 1

All the late nights coupled with poor eating habits have resulted in worsened health for me. I often have dizzy spells and suffer from freezing cold hands and feet due to poor blood circulation. Sadly, I need to rely on painkillers during the time of the month as well. I knew that I urgently needed to seek help so I decided to visit the Ma Kuang Biotech (MKB) TCM Wellness Centre at Pacific Plaza (near Orchard MRT Station).

The MKB TCM Wellness Centre is under the Ma Kuang Healthcare Group. It offers beauty and slimming TCM treatments like acupuncture, lymphatic massage and cupping. There are two Wellness Centres in Singapore, one in Ang Mo Kio and the other at Pacific Plaza. I guess most Singaporeans will be highly familiar with Ma Kuang as it is one of the most established TCM providers in Singapore. I am so glad that I have finally made up my mind to entrust myself in the hands of the professional TCM practitioners!

Here are some photos of the MKB branch at Pacific Plaza.ma kuang interiormk3mk2You will be relieved to know that Ma Kuang has been awarded by CaseTrust for Good Business Practices so you can purchase your beauty and slimming packages without worries.
mk4Once I stepped into MKB, the friendly staff gave me a form to fill in my particulars. Thereafter, I was asked to do a health scan by standing on the machine below.mk5mkb25Apparently, this machine can measure everything from your body weight, body composition (bone, muscle, water content etc), waistline to stress level.mkb26Your health analysis will then be generated and printed out before the consultation with your physician. It is amazing to know that TCM centres are so modernised now. 🙂

So, here’s introducing my physician, Zeng Wei (曾维医师).mkb28Physician Zeng Wei is a licensed TCM practitioner. She graduated from the Chengdu University of TCM in China and further pursued her studies at the Chengdu Medical Beauty Centre of China and the Singapore College of TCM. Physician Zeng was appointed as a Physician-in-charge in Chengdu Cheng Hang Hospital. She specialises in comprehensive application of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, guasha, herbal and natural therapies for treatment in gynecology, skin disease, sub-health, and common diseases. She is also well-versed in acupuncture slimming, acupuncture breast enhancement and other beauty treatments.ma kuang singaporeI really like Physician Zeng as she is really friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She can answer any questions you have on TCM and her answers are super clear and detailed.

She has given a few talks on TCM in Singapore too.12015111_10153612166421182_1518101606517409641_o(Photo courtesy of Ma Kuang Healthcare Group Facebook page)

So after consultation with Physician Zeng, the diagnosis was that I have insufficient fats and oil in my body and that my stress level was too high and all these have affected many of my body functions.

She suggested that I do acupuncture to relieve my body tension and to promote blood circulation. She also highlighted that she would do acupuncture on my tummy area to better care for my womb which will then help ease my monthly menstrual cramps. There will also be tuina for me as I was concerned with tummy fats and cupping to get rid of the toxins from my body. As you can see, there is a wide array of TCM treatments I will be doing in one session. 🙂

In my next post, I will share photos of my treatment process and the results that I have seen. Do stay tuned for more! ❤

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MKB TCM Wellness Centre (Orchard)

Address: 9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza (Scotts Medical Center) #06-04 Singapore 228210

Tel: 6339 6580

MKB TCM Wellness Centre (Ang Mo Kio)

Address: Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 #01-2829 Singapore 560722

Tel: 6459 3882

Reservations are required. For more information, visit www.mkb.com.sg.


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