Officially Mr & Mrs Wong X Jess Haute Couture

Having met each other at Hwa Chong when we were only 17 and officially becoming “bf and gf” at age 18, Jj and I have been together for the longest time ever.

It may be surprising that we managed to stay together for so long but both of us really share loads of things in common. It is also important to look beyond our flaws and focus on the positive traits that we have.

Anyway, I will probably write more about our relationship in another post. The main focus of this post is to share with you guys our recent joy from the wedding solemnisation we had on our 9th anniversary which falls on 20 February 2016.


Jj and I are never into big fanfare. We want to have a wedding solemnisation ceremony that is private, simple and cosy. Basically nothing too grand and fanciful.

So, we looked at a few places and eventually decided on a small European styled restaurant located at The Central (Clarke Quay) called Blisshouse Singapore.

For our bridal suit and gown, I googled around and found a company named Jess Haute Couture. For me, I have always believed in this thing called REVIEWS. Jess Haute Couture has received loads of positive reviews online so I was confident that I can leave our wedding outfits in the hands of the expert. Well, I must stress that we planned for this wedding solemnisation really last minute so we really needed someone who is professional and experienced as our “advisor”! 🙂

Jessica is the proud owner of Jess Haute Couture. I arranged for a meet-up session with her via Facebook and went down to this bridal shop at Oxley Bizhub along Ubi Road.

7I was surprised when I entered cos the place is really big! There is even a staircase which leads to the second floor where all the gowns are stored. By the way, all the gowns are either purchased by Jessica from her overseas trips or are specially designed by her. So talented!

During the visit, I had a discussion with Jessica and makeup artiste Regine in preparation for my big day.

They advised me on the things to take note of like how it would be better to dye my hair before the actual day so that the hair style could be more easily seen and to prepare a hand bouquet etc. Seriously, I wouldn’t have known all these if not for Jessica and Regine. So thankful! ❤

Jj and I also tried out some of the gowns and suits. I decided on a short dress as I didn’t want it to be too formal while Jessica recommended that Jj wear a blue suit. It was worn by the famous Korean actor Lee Min Ho before and I really loved it. Scroll down to see the outfits. 🙂

Fast forwarded to the day itself, Regine came over to the restaurant for the hair and makeup session. I have worked with quite a few makeup artistes and I would like to strongly recommend her to all of you. She is very friendly and she definitely knows what she is doing. Regine has loads of experience in this makeup and hair styling industry so you wouldn’t have to worry at all. Also, there are makeup artistes out there who would just create some really outdated looks but Regine’s style is really current. In fact, it feels rather Korean to me. So if you love the Korean kind of makeup, you’ve got to book Regine.20

I love it that Regine is always 100% focused.

After about 1.5 hours, here is the look for my big day!

I like it in that Regine helped enhance my features and that it was not too overboard. I am never into very exaggerated looks and this was well within my acceptable range.34All in all, I am so in love with Regine. I even told her that I would engage her for my future events. Scroll right down to the end of the post for her contact details. 🙂

Once my hair and makeup are done, it is time for the commencement of our wedding solemnisation ceremony.

Our Justice of the Peace (JP) is my former colleague from Mediacorp, Nghee Huat. He was also the solemniser for my sister’s wedding in January. 🙂 5051 Both our daddies were the witnesses.52After an exchange of vows, we exchanged wedding rings. Our rings were custom made by my daddy who is a jeweller. His shop, Great United Goldsmith Private Limited is located at Little India. Many of my sister’s friends had their wedding bands done there as you can custom make any ring design that you desire at great quality and low prices.

Take a close look at my ring as I am going to tell you a secret.

The ring design is inspired by Tiffany & Co’s classic collection. I went down to one of their branches to try out their array of rings and particularly loved this design. However, it has a downside as the edges of the diamonds will rub against my middle finger and my pinky, making me feel rather uncomfortable. After sharing this problem with my dad, he helped me figure out the diamonds’ diameters and the total number of diamonds to make sure that it was a perfect fit. And you know what? Now, I have a ring that is not only pretty but is a perfect fit! The diamonds are perfectly cut too. ❤

Jj also has a customised men’s ring as seen in the photo below. 54The ceremony ended in about 15 minutes and we took a photo together.

Here is a photo of Jj and I. Officially Mr & Mrs Wong. 🙂56A group photo of both our families – my parents and my grandma and Jj’s parents, grandma and two brothers. ❤

Thereafter, we proceeded with our dinner.

So glad that though we were pretty last minute, things went as planned. Of course, so happy that Jj’s family flew all the way to Singapore to attend the ceremony. The solemnisation wouldn’t be the same without the great company.

Special thanks to Jessica and Regine from Jess Haute Couture, our JP Nghee Huat, Great United Goldsmith Private Limited and our official photographer for the day, Derrick See from Seed Image!

Before I end off, would love to take this opportunity to share our wedding photos, taken in Taiwan.

12735580_10154010291517577_514926850_n (1) 12735793_10154010291792577_1326812716_n12746368_10154010291102577_412033143_n

+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

Thanks for reading and for sharing our joy! Here is a shout out for Jess Haute Couture for their generous support towards our big day!

They provide rental and sale of both made to measure and ready made gowns and suits for special occasions like wedding, ROM and D&Ds, wedding photography and videography and makeup services.

Here are just some of the pretty gowns they have. 🙂

12747952_1035070386553140_6878933487368501476_o11416342_904811806245666_3375199295592518258_oThey also have various kinds of promotion from time to time so feel free to check out their website and their Facebook page.

12182962_979007935492719_5694034880563489267_oJess Haute Couture

Show room: (Do make appointment before going down)
65 Ubi Road 1, #03-93 Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408729 (Nearest MRT station: Tai Seng MRT Station)

63345218 (For call)
96396860 (For SMS & Whatsapp)


Opening hours:
Monday: 11:00AM – 8:30PM
Wednesday – Sunday: 11:00AM – 8:30PM
Tuesday: Closed

Makeup Artiste, Regine Chew

Contact no.: +65 9878 8203


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