ASUS ZenFone Selfie Review by Singapore’s Beauty Blogger, Tina Loh

In my earlier post on the ASUS ZenFestival 2015 at Chijmes, I shared on the launch of ASUS’ flagship model, the ZenFone Selfie in Singapore. In this post, I am going to tell you more about my experiences as a satisfied ASUS ZenFone Selfie user!
zenfoneThe truth is I have always enjoyed taking photos and of course, having my own photos taken. However, I’m never a selfie queen as I can never figure out how to take a decent photo that not only shows my face but also my surroundings – I blame that on my short hands. Fortunately, this problem was solved by the wide-angle lens on the ZenFone Selfie. It has really good 13-megapixel resolution too.

5So anyway, as you probably have known through my Official Facebook Page, I decided to bring this popular Taiwan smartphone brand (learnt from my Taiwanese friends that ASUS is called華碩in Chinese) back to Taiwan on my recent sponsored Taiwan trip. I must say that it has really served me well and I didn’t even see the need to bring along my DSLR which is pretty cumbersome.

This ZenFone Selfie comes in three colours: Aqua Blue, Chic Pink and Pure White. I’ve always loved pink so I got a pink one from ASUS. zenfone5 zenfone4Well, I am never a techie and I know that most of you out there aren’t one too so I will cut down on the technical specifications and just show you the amazing photos that I captured with this ASUS smartphone.

(1) Perfect Selfies and Wefies

First up, as the name suggests, the ZenFone selfie is an awesome camera to capture that perfect selfie. Its exceptional front-facing PixelMaster camera has a huge 13MP resolution and an f/2.2-aperture,88-degree wide-angle lens. Its rear camera is just as advanced, with a large f/2.0 aperture lens for superb low-light shots. The phone also comes equipped with the Beautification Mode which enables you to remove skin blemishes, lighten skin tone and even sharpen your face!

IMG_5702Just take a look at my simple demo below.

The photo on the left is the original version, the middle one is after the brightening of my skin tone whereas the one on the right is after the sharpening of the jawline – all in a few simple steps. You don’t even need to download any photo editing applications on your phone! ❤ 15Here are some samples of the selfies I took on the Taiwan trip. I am so narcissistic.

P_20151028_215912_BFIMG_5591One thing about me is that I don’t like applying blusher and the ZenFone Selfie’s Beautification Mode has this option where you could apply different shades of blusher on your cheeks. How cool!P_20151025_040022_BF_1And of course, my skin is far from perfect but this ASUS ZenFone Selfie just makes you look as if you have flawless skin without compromising on the photo quality. Two thumbs up! 🙂

These two photos were taken on a boat ride along the Sicao Mangroves Water Green Tunnel in Tainan, also known as Taiwan’s Mini Amazon River. P_20151027_023941P_20151027_025352

Enough of my selfies but if you want to see more, do visit my Facebook page! :p

(2) Crisp and clear portrait and landscape shots

So the first part was on the front camera and here’s featuring the rear camera.

zenfone3With so many different modes like HDR, Super Resolution, Depth of Field etc that you can choose from, there is really no excuse for a bad shot.

Here are some shots taken at the preview of the popular Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival 2015 (新社花海节2015).

P_20151028_213848 Look at how vibrant the colours are!P_20151028_213943P_20151028_211911 Shots taken at the Mini Amazon River boat ride in Tainan. P_20151027_024421P_20151027_024727Taken at the Anping Tree House.P_20151027_034726P_20151027_034035And of course, proud of my sunset shots at Anping’s Sunset Platform (观夕平台). P_20151027_050812While we were admiring the sunset, I saw many people struggling with their cameras, trying to set the aperture etc but I had no issues at all with my handy ZenFone Selfie and I managed to capture the amazing sunset shot below. 🙂P_20151027_050933Also sharing some shots at the CH Garden at Xinshe, Taichung. P_20151028_214942_1P_20151028_223045

(3) Yummy food shots

Next up, let’s move on to the category of food~

If you are a foodie, the ASUS ZenFone Selfie is a phone that I would like to strongly recommend you as it is able to clearly capture details of your food.

This is the highly raved ice cream at the Miyahara Eye Hospital (宫原眼科) in Taichung. It comes with toppings like pineapple tarts, cheesecake and more. Yum yum. 🙂 P_20151025_092248This is the mini coffin bread (棺材板) at Anping which I really loved!P_20151027_002936_1

  (4) Unparalleled low-light performance
The ZenFone Selfie’s Low Light mode captures clear photos or videos throughout the night or in dark environments. Its innovative pixel-merging technology increases light sensitivity by up to four times and the front-facing camera also supports Low Light mode so you can snap clear selfies/wefies in even dark conditions with no need for flash. Just to highlight, the three photos below were taken under really dimly-lit conditions. I tried using my other phone at these three places and it totally failed me but look at the results that the ZenFone Selfie delivered!

P_20151024_080312P_20151026_081931_BFI’m super pleased with the phone as it is able to capture such a clear image in total darkness. These miniature parachutes at Taitung are so adorable! Still in awe of the image quality. ❤


Of course, other than the awesome camera, I really love the speakers too. Have been relying on this smartphone to blast songs like the “Our Times” theme song, A Little Happiness.


Well, this has been a long post filled with photos taken on my Taiwan trip and I hope this blog post sufficiently conveys how impressed I am by the ASUS ZenFone Selfie.

Thanks loads to ASUS for allowing me to bring this awesome phone overseas. I love all the photos on my trip! ❤

The ASUS ZenFone Selfie retails at S$379 and is available at all ASUS Brand Stores, ASUS Authorised Dealers, M1 and StarHub.

For more product specifications, visit the ASUS website. 🙂

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