Top Tourist Attractions in Shinshe, Taichung 【台中新社花海全攻略】 – Mushroom Garden, CH Garden and Olive Tree Minsu (Part 2)

In my earlier blog post, I shared with you guys on the first part of the one-day itinerary for Xinshe (Shinshe), Taichung. The places featured were (1) Xinshe Sea of Flowers (新社花海), (2) “Wish Upon a Star” Purple Windmill (星願紫風車), (3) Malibu Painted Trail (马力埔彩绘小径) and (4) Master of Mushroom (菇神).

This post will highlight places that you can visit in the afternoon at Xinshe.

(5) Mushroom Garden 【百菇莊】

Xinshe is also known as the “Kingdom of Mushrooms”. Its climate and location make it an ideal place for mushroom cultivation and over 60% of mushrooms in Taiwan are grown in Xinshe.

The Mushroom Garden is famous for its fresh, organic and high quality mushrooms. Every day, tourists visit the Mushroom Garden to pluck (or gather) the mushrooms and enjoy the freshly made mushroom dishes at its cafe.

P_20151028_043246_1P_20151028_043209_1P_20151028_043220P_20151028_043409_1You can even buy the vacuum bags of mushrooms and try growing them at home.P_20151028_043618_1P_20151028_044951_NT_1So here we are, starting with the gathering of mushrooms. It costs NTD100 (approximately SGD4) for about 0.5kg of mushrooms that you pluck. This price is really reasonable considering how much these mushrooms cost in supermarkets.P_20151028_043853_1Meet the boss of the Mushroom Garden, 莊學富who explained to us the mushroom cultivation process.P_20151028_043857_1

Here’s what I plucked ~
P_20151028_045333_NT_1Of course, that’s not all as you can also purchase loads of mushroom-related products at its retail store.
P_20151028_045513_NTP_20151028_045518_NTThe boss also recommended the mushroom ice cream.

This is the first time I have tried a mushroom flavored ice cream. Fortunately, it doesn’t have a very strong mushroom taste so it is pretty acceptable. 🙂

You should definitely try the fried mushrooms at Mushroom Garden, especially the Fried King Oyster Mushrooms (杏鲍菇). As the mushrooms were freshly plucked, they certainly taste much better than those we get at the Taiwan night markets. P_20151028_050719_1P_20151028_050005_1group photoEstimated duration of stay: 40 mins

Free admission but charges to the DIY mushroom gathering activity applies i.e. NTD100 (approx SGD4) for about 0.5kg of mushrooms that you pluck.

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm (weekdays) and 9am to 5.30pm (weekends)  

(6) CH Garden 【千樺庭園餐廳

After the mushroom gathering, it is time for afternoon tea.

CH Garden is the first landscape restaurant in Shinshe created by a father and son duo, Mr Zhang Cang-Ming and Mr Zhang You-Zong who are also landscape designers. The entire CH Garden just looks like a picturesque painting.

P_20151028_214908_1 P_20151028_214924P_20151028_214942_1 The entrance fee for CH Garden is NTD100 (around SGD4) and it can be used to offset any purchase within its premises i.e. for the F&B and merchandise etc. P_20151028_214952_1 Just slow down your pace and enjoy the greenery over here.P_20151028_215212_1 P_20151028_215449_1 Look, I even took a selfie using my ASUS ZenFone Selfie smartphone. 🙂P_20151028_215912_BFAs we walked further in, we saw two blue cottages. One of them is a retail outlet whereas the other one is a greenhouse. P_20151028_220202I love the cosy European design of their retail store.P_20151028_220334_1 P_20151028_220344_1P_20151028_220411_1 P_20151028_220426P_20151028_220913_1 P_20151028_220939_1After shopping at the retail outlet, we made our way to its cafe. The CH Garden Cafe places strong emphasis on using high quality ingredients in their food to provide assurance and satisfaction to its customers.

P_20151028_221433P_20151028_221645Their interior design was simply too distracting and we couldn’t stop ourselves from taking photos before sitting down and ordering the drinks. P_20151028_221729P_20151028_222000With its calm and soothing ambience, this place is highly recommended for afternoon tea with your best friends or your other half.P_20151028_222957_1Here are some photos of the menu.P_20151028_223947_1 P_20151028_222208_1Malaysian blogger Sally and I really enjoyed our time at CH Garden. Our coffee tasted great too! 🙂 P_20151028_223045_meitu_4Estimated duration of stay: 1 hour

The entrance fee for CH Garden is NTD100 (around SGD4) and it can be used to offset any purchase within its premises i.e. for the F&B and merchandise etc.

Opening hours: 10am to 6pm (Mon-Thurs) and 9am to 9pm (Fri-Sun) [Note: The afternoon tea is from 2.30 to 5pm.]

Visit CH Garden’s website here.

(7) Olive Tree Minsu 【橄欖樹民宿】

The Olive Tree comprises a coffee house and private lodging (minsu). Its surrounding resembles that of a European countryside and is filled with lush greenery.   P_20151028_202015_1P_20151028_201858_1 P_20151028_202003There are many places where you can just chill with your loved ones.P_20151028_202043 P_20151028_202059P_20151028_201825_1You need to climb up a rocky slope before you see the private lodgings which are European country-styled wooden cabins. P_20151028_205952_meitu_1This is how our room looks like. It is rather spacious. P_20151028_060006What’s surprising is that they actually have a mini elevated platform within the room where you can place some mats and just sit and relax with your roomie. Sally and I really loved this and took loads of photos over here. 🙂   P_20151028_201042_BFAnd, we all agreed that the breakfast here is amazing! Although they are simple dishes, they just taste so fresh. I love how the cabbage, the egg and the pork floss go with the sweet tapioca porridge. It makes such a nutritious breakfast – great to keep us going for the rest of the journey!    P_20151028_202243 Estimated price: The daily rates for the rooms range from NTD2300 to 6880 (approximately SGD102 to 305) per night. There is free wifi in all rooms.

Click here for more information.

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Voila! This concludes my two-part post on the tourist attractions in Xinshe.

Just to recap, the seven places that I have recommended are: (1) Xinshe Sea of Flowers(新社花海), (2) “Wish Upon a Star” Purple Windmill (星願紫風車), (3) Malibu Painted Trail (马力埔彩绘小径), (4) Master of Mushroom (菇神), (5) Mushroom Garden (百菇莊), (6) CH Garden (千樺庭園餐廳) and (7) Olive Tree Minsu (橄欖樹民宿). There will be more posts on this Taiwan trip soon.

Thanks ASUS Singapore for the amazing ASUS ZenFone Selfie! It has served me well on my Taiwan trip. More photos are available on the Official Follow My Wanders Facebook Page. ❤

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  1. Lots of memories flashed back while reading your blog, I remember those funny moments where we try to take wefie in the room lol
    And I really have a great time at CHgarden with you, really miss that place a lot, so beautiful!!

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