Top Tourist Attractions in Shinshe, Taichung 【台中新社花海全攻略】 – Sea of Flowers, Malibu Painted Trail, Shinshe Tourism Centre and Master of Mushroom (Part 1)

This weekend marks the start of the 10th Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival 2015 (新社花海節2015).

Thanks to its ideal climate and fertile soil, Xinshe (or Shinshe) has always been known as a Purple Hometown and a Township of Happiness that is free from pollution.

P_20151028_213848_1In this blog post, I would like to share with you how you can plan a one-day free-and-easy trip to Xinshe not just for the flowers but also to visit other attractions.

(1) Xinshe Sea of Flowers【新社花海】

The Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival 2015 will be from 7 November to 6 December 2015. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular LOHAS recreational activities in Taiwan and attracts millions of tourists every year. The admission to all exhibition areas is totally free. Try to go early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

I had a chance to get a preview of its offering and these were the photos that I captured. 🙂
P_20151028_211921_1P_20151028_212216_1P_20151028_213943P_20151028_214000_DF_1 P_20151028_214255Of course, do look out for the sea of sunflowers which is the main highlight of the festival. Be sure to take loads of photos with your friends too!
12202514_10156457886035508_1555858286_n group photo 2

Estimated duration of stay: 1.5 hours

Free admission.

For more details, visit the official website.

(2) “Wish Upon a Star” Purple Windmill 【星願紫風車】

After admiring the sea of flowers, make a trip to the nearby Shinshe Travel Service and Information Station which is located next to the iconic Shinshe “Wish Upon a Star” Purple Windmill.

P_20151028_230024_1There is an adorable teddy bear greeting you at the door step. 🙂P_20151028_230036_1 I really love the branding of the entire Shinshe as everything is in sweet pastel purple. 🙂P_20151028_230150_1 P_20151028_230232_1P_20151028_230414_1There are loads of brochures at this tourist information centre that you can tap on. Of course, the friendly staff will be there to provide advice on trip planning, meals, accommodation and more.

After touring the centre, just walk out to the back of the centre and you will see the massive “Wish Upon a Star” Purple Windmill which was recently completed in September 2014. In fact, this windmill is the largest windmill in Taiwan and was built to highlight the entire Shinshe’s concept on the pursuit of dreams and happiness.
P_20151028_231717_1This windmill spins to a melody at 10am, 4pm and 7pm daily for about 15 mins.P_20151028_231755_1

Estimated duration of stay: 0.5 hours

Free admission.

For more details, click here.

(3) Malibu Painted Trail 【马力埔彩绘小径】

The Malibu Painted Trail is located in Malibu Leisure Farm. Although this trail only stretches for a few hundred metres, it is worth visiting as it showcases how life in Xinshe was like in the past where there were abundance of pig farms, orchards and mushroom plantations. Great place for photo-taking too!  P_20151028_232827 P_20151028_232846_1P_20151028_232856_1 P_20151028_233918As you can see, the paintings are really artistic as they engaged professional artists to get it done. 🙂P_20151028_233221_1P_20151028_233351In fact, every single area along this trail makes a great photo taking stop.P_20151028_233020_meitu_5

Estimated duration of stay: 20 minutes

Free admission.

For more details, click here.

(4) Master of Mushroom 【菇神】

After all the walking in the morning, make your way to lunch at the Master of Mushroom (菇神)to satisfy your hunger pangs. This place is known for its ultra delicious and nutritious mushroom hotpot.

P_20151029_012056_1 P_20151029_012041_1This is the legendary mushroom hotpot feast and the spread that you see here is for 6 pax.
P_20151028_235512 P_20151028_235525I guess Xinshe, also known as Taiwan’s “Kingdom of Mushrooms”, is certainly a place for all mushroom lovers.

I love their enoki mushrooms. Super sweet and crunchy! ❤
P_20151029_000141_meitu_6 This white fungus drink (黄金燕窝 — 白木耳饮料)is a must-try too. It is very good for the skin and has been referred to as “birds nest for the poor (穷人的燕窝)”. In fact, I wanted to buy home the entire carton but it is so heavy. 😦P_20151029_000056_1After the meal, visit the Master of Mushroom retail outlet for souvenirs that you can get for your friends and family.P_20151028_234853Master of Mushroom was ranked as the number 1 retail shop for souvenirs in Taichung City this year (2015台中市十大伴手礼首奖厂商).
P_20151029_003629You can even buy this presentable gift bag home to make your own sumptuous mushroom soup.
P_20151029_003647If you can afford the extra luggage weight, don’t forget to buy a carton of this yummy white fungus drink! P_20151029_003704You can get these packets of enoki mushrooms too.
P_20151029_003725As for me, I bought three packets of the mushroom cookies. They are basically deep fried King Oyster Mushrooms (杏鲍菇). They ended up highly popular. Friends whom I gave the cookies to texted me that they really loved these biscuits!

P_20151029_003840 group photo

Estimated duration of stay: 1.5 hours

Estimated cost: About NTD300 per pax (approx SGD14)

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (daily)

Visit their website for more info.

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Well, there is definitely an overload of information over here so I have decided to make this into a two-part post. In the second part, I will be sharing with you how you can spend the rest of the day at Xinshe, including the accommodation. The places that I will be recommending are: Mushroom Garden (百菇莊), CH Garden (千樺庭園餐廳) and Olive Tree Minsu (橄欖樹民宿). Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Thanks ASUS Singapore for the amazing ASUS ZenFone Selfie! It has served me well on my Taiwan trip. More photos are available on the Official Follow My Wanders Facebook Page. ❤

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  2. Hi, May I know how to get to the Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival from Taipei station? Do I take the normal railway to taichung station or the high speed rail? Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi,
    May I know how to I get to Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival from Taipei station? Do I take normal railway to Taichung or the high speed rail?
    Thanks a lot.

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