Cashback when shopping at Expedia and Agoda with ShopBack

My girlfriends would probably agree this is how I look like when I realise that my favourite stores are having sales.15

Well, this adorable white shopping bag (hands included) is the logo of ShopBack, a Singapore e-commerce start-up that offers us (shoppers) savings on our online purchases by providing cashback when we buy products through the merchants that they partner with. They also provide discount coupons and voucher codes for online purchases. It is currently affiliated with over 300 merchants from all over the world, including online retail giants like Groupon, Rakuten, Zalora and travel-related websites like Agoda and Expedia. Imagine getting cashback through ShopBack, in addition to your credit card cashback. This means extra savings which you could spend on a decent meal or more new clothes!
16.1This startup is backed by NUS Enterprise and has been awarded Vulcan Post’s ‘Most Promising Startup to look out for in 2015’ in the Reader’s Choice Awards poll in 2014.
16Obviously, as a travel blogger, this kind of website is very important to me as it helps me to cut down the expenses on my extensive travels. If you have been actively following this blog and my Official Facebook Page, you probably know that I travel pretty often.

The year-end travel season is coming. Before you start booking your flights and accommodation, remember to book it through ShopBack (provides best travel deals), if not you will start regretting like me – already booked flights and accommodation for my upcoming Europe trip. 😦

I am sure most Singaporeans buy air tickets and secure overseas accommodation through the travel websites below (i.e. Expedia, Agoda, Zuji and so you would be familiar with how it works.
18However, to get your cashback, you must make sure that you visit the store through the ShopBack website.

After you are redirected to the website, you can just shop as usual and make your purchase. Once your purchase has been confirmed, you will receive cashback in your ShopBack account within 48 hours. You can then cash out to your PayPal or bank account at the end of every month once you’ve reached redeemable cashback of S$10.
20Anyway, Expedia is offering limited time promotion for hotels in Bangkok!
21Just to share, Bangkok’s Pathumwan Princess Hotel was the hotel that my sis booked through Expedia for our Bangkok trip and it is really good. Super clean and great service! The location is extremely ideal too.22The same cashback method applies for Agoda too! Just use ShopBack to get Agoda cashback and offers on accommodation etc.
23Of course, do take note of the terms and conditions like cashback will only be given to bookings over $50 (you will most likely exceed $50 anyway) and pretty commonsensical things like cancellations will not be given cashback etc.
24So, here’s a rough calculation on how much you could potentially save on your online purchases via ShopBack.
25Saving $60 off a $1000 purchase is quite substantial.

You know what, the green logo that we are familiar with (GROUPON) is one of the many online merchants that ShopBack works with. Imagine getting further savings on the Groupon deals that you buy like food vouchers, spa treatments etc. I am definitely going to start using ShopBack soon!
26.1Click here to watch a video to guide you through the process and enjoy coupon codes and offers with ShopBack.
26Have fun saving on your online purchases! 🙂

[P.S.: There is an upcoming 11-11 Sales on ShopBack. Be sure to check it out!]


4 responses to “Cashback when shopping at Expedia and Agoda with ShopBack

  1. So surprised that this actually works… Thanks for helping me save some $$$ for my trip! Will be following your blog for more recommendatns. Pls post more travel related stuff!

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