20th Emirates Singapore Derby at the Singapore Turf Club

The 20th Emirates Singapore Derby at the Singapore Racecourse is the second horse racing event that I have attended in Singapore. The first was the Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2014.

4The long-established partnership between Emirates and Singapore Turf Club has made the Emirates Singapore Derby one of the most coveted races in this region. When I reached the Marquee at the Singapore Racecourse, it was filled with well-dressed Singaporeans and foreigners, all enjoying the spread of food, wine and of course, the close-up horse racing in action.

2389It is more than amazing to see these horses dashing out from the gates up-close. Of course, you would hear people spurring on the horses during the race. I was absolutely wrong to think that horse racing is a boring sport to follow before I was invited to these horse racing events. You can definitely feel the adrenaline rush when horses overtake each other or when some refuse to complete the race. 5

11As it was pretty hot outside, I spent most of the time chilling in the Marquee. This is how it looks like. 1They were giving away Chopard pens to lucky guests who made the right predictions of the winning horses. 7

Shortly after, it was time for the main race, the prestigious Emirates Singapore Derby. We made our way to the front of the grandstand to catch the race. Before that, I decided to place a bet. As the number ‘2’ is my lucky number, I decided to bet on the horse Quechua, ridden by the jockey Corey Brown. After betting, I caught some race horses entering the racecourse. They look so strong and muscular.

10To much fanfare, the highlight of the day started and you could hear the excitement from the crowd. Obviously, since I betted on this race, I was glued to the screen. I was so engrossed that I forgot to take any pictures until it ended.

It turned out that the horse I betted on, Quechua, actually won the race! Good job, Quechua and Corey Brown! 🙂

1312Coincidentally, when I read back on my previous post on the Longines Singapore Gold Cup, Quechua was the winning horse too.

Overall, I spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon at the Singapore Turf Club. Once again, thank you Singapore Turf Club for the invitation! 🙂

14To know more about how these race horses are taken care of, read my post on the exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Singapore Turf Club.



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    1 week to start of 2015 Galway Races festival The long-established partnership between Emirates and Singapore Turf Club has made the Emirates Singapore Derby one of the most coveted races in this region.

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