My Internship Experiences in Singapore []

If you recall from my previous post on my part-time job experiences in Singapore, I had the opportunity to explore a wide array of jobs during my schooling days. In this post, I will share about my internships in Singapore.

During my second year in NTU, I heard about the MOE’s Teaching Internship Programme (TIP) and signed up for it.  I was assigned to a Secondary School that was near to my home and taught there for about 5 weeks. I love interacting with kids so teaching was fairly easy for me.

In Year 3, I was lucky to intern at a production house set up by a Hong Kong director and a local TV actor for 6 months. As mentioned in my biography, I am very much into filming and working at a production house was a great fit for me. It was also part of the compulsory internship at my school, the NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information where I specialised in Broadcast and Cinema Studies (BCS).

Found some photos of my crazy filming days. This was taken near the Presidential Office in Timor-Leste. My team and I produced a documentary (Moris Mai) on women and children issues in the country. This documentary won us a few awards. 🙂

filming east timorI was sad that after convocation, what follows would typically be full-time jobs. I would have loved to stay as an intern, learning and exploring different work places in Singapore.

Here’s a photo of me during my NTU convocation. As you can see, that was 3 years ago. Time really flies.convocationIf you are currently searching for internship opportunities (hopefully a Singapore internship), I have some advice for you.

(1) If you are still in a dilemma on which industry you would like to join after graduation, an internship would be a good chance to help you make a decision. For me, it was either teaching or media. That was why I tried out internships in these two areas and found out that my passion truly lies in filming. P.S.: I joined MediaCorp immediately after my last exam paper. 🙂

mediacorp interview

(2) To help you secure your dream job after graduation, first secure an internship position in that company, or at least in a related field. Employers would prefer if you have relevant experience before joining as a full-time employee.

(3) Check with your seniors how their internships went and formulate a list of recommended companies.

(4) Take some time and comb through the various internship positions available online. would be a good place to start as it has a specific portal on Internship Singapore for poly and university students.

Hope that your internship would be a fruitful one! Thanks for reading!


13 responses to “My Internship Experiences in Singapore []

  1. Hey, great blog! Just wondering, how did you afford to survive while doing internships? I would have been super broke if my parents didn’t pay for my necessities.

  2. OH MY GOD! ! I am so obsessed with your blog now! I’ll be going to NTU for a 6 months exchange programme and I literally cannot wait! Singapore seems so AMAZING! I hope to get some part-time job or internship while I’m there as well. Your blog has been really helpful!! xxx

    • Cool! Uni exchange is very fun. I went to Taiwan for my exchange and really enjoyed it. Which NTU faculty will you be in? I was in communication studies, specializing in electronic and broadcast media. 🙂

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