My Part Time Job Experiences in Singapore []

As you know, I typically blog about my travels and events that I have attended. However, in this post, I would like to share something more personal with my readers and that would be my part time job experiences during my schooling days.

Well, I always have some sort of curiosity in the jobs that people do and have started taking up part time jobs in Singapore since I finished my A Levels.  (In case you are wondering, there is a wide variety of part time jobs for students in Singapore.) After A Levels, a no-brainer for me was to become a home tutor. Being stronger in languages, I taught English and Chinese. I even ventured into Primary School Maths. For a few months, I also worked as a teaching assistant at one of the most highly sought after tuition centres in Singapore.


I also found a temporary job online on flyer distribution for a local dim sum restaurant and rate was $8/h. Jj and I decided to take it up since we have nothing much to do anyway. It turned out to be a great experience and I even ended up waitressing for awhile at the restaurant too! (On hindsight, serving customers was fun but not ideal for cleanliness freaks like me. Definitely better sticking to restaurant reviews right now.)


Thereafter, I did relief teaching at Clementi Town Secondary School. During that period, my total income (including tutoring) was around 3K per month and I personally feel that it was really decent for an A level graduate.

After my teaching stint, I took up a 3-month internship at Radio Singapore International (RSI), an international radio station at MediaCorp (RSI has ceased service). (I will be sharing my internship experience in my next post.)

When I entered university, I ventured into emceeing. Being bilingual, I was lucky that many doors were opened for me and I hosted weddings, school events, roadshows and mall celebrations.

Here are some photos that I found in my hard disk. 🙂

hosting prom hosting 2 amk hosting

I guess one of my part time jobs that most of you would recall was my radio DJ stint at UFM100.3 (or Radio 100.3) where I hosted a weekend programme with my partner, Alcott. I must say that it was one of my most memorable part time job experience as I learnt loads of things and met many amazing people.


Looking back, even though there were occasions that I really didn’t want to show up at work or that I really needed to prepare for my exams, I was glad that I persevered with the part time jobs that I was doing. Working and studying concurrently allowed me to learn how to better manage my time. Moreover, the salary earned covered for my daily expenses on food, shopping etc. For the young ones out there, always keep a look out for opportunities. Search for jobs out there, do not be afraid to apply. If in doubt, seek advice from your friends or seniors. Also, remember that the pay doesn’t always matter. You need to find a job that would help you grow as a person.

If you are currently searching for part time jobs Singapore opportunities, here’s wishing you all the best in finding the best fit. Feel free to write in to me at if you have any queries. Thanks for reading!


6 responses to “My Part Time Job Experiences in Singapore []

  1. You’ve managed to gain a whole range of experiences while studying!
    I’ve managed to do some carpentry work (never again), deliver pizzas and now Admin work 😀

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