[Beauty Review] Mary Chia’s GO60 Spa Boutique at Esplanade Xchange, Singapore

As I have just returned from a trip to Taiwan, I was eager to go for a facial to get my face properly cleansed. I was glad to try out the 60-mins facial at GO60, Singapore’s only fixed-price lifestyle spa concept boutique under Mary Chia Holdings.

GO60 is located at Esplanade Xchange (near Esplanade MRT Station) and offers pampering facial, slimming sessions and body massages. As the name suggests, all their treatments are priced at $60.



They sell products like facial wash and face masks too. I love the designs and I have read great reviews on the masks online too! 🙂

productsproducts3After filling in a simple form, I was shown to the rooms. This is the massage room.


And this was the room that I did my facial.



After changing into a robe, it was time to start the facial!

The first step was cleansing.


Thereafter, it was face steaming. I was so surprised that they actually did massage for me during the steaming process and it was really comfortable. ❤


Thereafter, the extraction process started. My beautician was really gentle and I didn’t feel any pain at all. My face wasn’t red after the extraction too.

I have been to beauty salons where they simply over-extracted and left my skin really red after the facial session. Those salons will immediately be classified under the “bad experience” list.

facial4Time to apply a double layered mask to soothe and hydrate my skin.


Finally, my beautician removed the mask and as you can see in the photo below, my skin color wasn’t that dull anymore. In fact, there was a bright glow to it. It almost felt like I applied a layer of foundation. Satisfied with the results! (More photos below)


Just to remind you again (so naggy like my mum), all their treatments are available at $60 nett! Also, they wouldn’t coerce you into getting a package simply because they don’t sell prepaid packages. So just go whenever you like and pay after the treatment. 🙂


GO60, by Mary Chia Holdings Limited

Address: 80 Bras Basah Road, Esplanade Xchange #B1-24 [Near Esplanade MRT Station, at the intersection leading to Exit A (Suntec City) and Exit B (Marina Square).]

Contact No.: +65 6338 0660



+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

After the pampering facial treatment (all thanks to GO60), I walked over to Esplanade Library (library@esplanade). I’ve always loved going there as they have a wide repository of music scores and music history books.

Here’s sharing some of the photos that I took over there. (Somewhere to consider chilling out after your facial/massage) 🙂

library_jtlibrary3library2Thanks for reading! My next post will be on the exclusive tour of the Singapore Turf Club. If you would like to know how race horses are taken care of in Singapore, do stay tuned! 🙂


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