Tourist Attractions in Nantou, Taiwan 【台湾南投旅游景点推荐】 – Taiwan Tea at Yoshan Tea 【在台湾遊山茶访品茶】 – 不分區國際光點計畫

Whenever I am back in Taiwan, I would make it a point to bring back some tea, especially the high-mountain Oolong Tea. Taiwan is known to produce one of the best tea in the world thanks to its ideal climate and mature tea culture. There are also many tea cultivators in Taiwan who are extremely devoted in ensuring the production of high quality tea leaves.

Given its tea culture, there are many places where you can just chill out and have a good cup of Chinese tea and today, I will be highly recommending the elegant Yoshan Tea (Yoshantea), a tea culture house located in the Jhushan (Zhushan) Township in the Nantou County of Taiwan. 

y1(Photo courtesy of Yoshan Tea)y2

The founder of Yoshan Tea, Mr Chen Lian-teh, first cultivated the Oolong Tea in Nantou in 1961. In 2002, the third-generation successor, Mr Chen Chung-chia launched the Yoshan Tea brand. This beautiful Tea Culture House that you see in the photos was officially established in 2009 to welcome visitors to taste the tea from the various mountainous regions of Taiwan.

If you are an avid tea drinker and perhaps, a tea connoiseur, you would definitely fall in love with this place immediately.

Here’s a giant tea pot located at the entrance.

y3That’s not all as I love its interior design as well.y4

(Photo courtesy of Yoshan Tea)

Once you enter the place, you will be brought to the exhibition area where you can learn about the different kinds of tea in Taiwan and its production process.

There is an interactive feature where you can get to smell the tea.


Some of the tea on display are the Dong Ding Oolong Tea (冻顶乌龙茶), Oriental Beauty Tea (东方美人茶), Li Shan Oolong Tea (梨山乌龙茶) and Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea (大禹岭乌龙茶). 🙂

y8Out of all the tea, I really love the Dong Ding Oolong Tea which originates from the Dong Ding Mountain in the Nantou County of Taiwan (yes, there is such a place!). This tea is also known as the origin of Taiwanese Oolong Tea.
y9So happy to learn new things about Taiwan tea at Yoshan Tea Culture House. The ambience here is simply amazing.


You should also watch the corporate video to know more about the history of Yoshan Tea, under the Jiajan Tea Company (嘉振茶叶股份有限公司).


The Yoshan Tea brand is known for its strict processing standards. Its facility is also ISO22000:2005 certified to provide tea lovers with the highest assurance for its products.


After watching the corporate video, continue your journey to the next section which showcases the different kinds of tea sets and the table arrangement for traditional tea ceremonies.

y13Apparently, this is the tea set used during winter time. I love its elegant design.


After a tour of the exhibition area, we were brought to an activity room where we did our DIY activity and it is the roasting of the tea leaves (DIY烘焙茶叶). The heat from roasting is believed to reduce the acerbic taste of tea and enhance its sweetness.

The friendly Assistant Manager, Han (also known as 小姜) started with a briefing on the roasting process of the tea leaves.

y15Soon after, it was time for us to try it out!

As great care must be taken to avoid over-cooking the tea leaves, all of us were really cautious.

y16We started by pouring out the Oolong Tea leaves.y17This is how the tea leaves look like.


Thereafter, the tea leaves are carefully poured into the mini bamboo tea roaster for the roasting process.y19

Cover the lid and adjust the temperature according to your preference.

y20Along the way, you can adjust the temperature too! Track the duration of roasting on this piece of paper. 🙂


I adjusted the temperature of the roasting thrice and I was pleased to end up with a packet of tea with really strong aroma. ❤

Here are my teammates – Louis, Kyle and Bryan.


This is my finished product. It is really thoughtful of them to vacuum seal up our individually roasted tea packetsThis will make a great personalised souvenir from Taiwan!


Besides the DIY activity, you will also get to learn the art of tea tasting at Yoshan Tea.


They are really professional and used this mini weighing scale to ensure that the quantity of tea leaves is accurate.

y26Dispensing the tea leaves.y27Pouring in the hot water.y28There were five different kinds of tea for us to taste. Of course, my favorite Dong Ding Oolong Tea is one of them. 🙂


What you subsequently have to do is to use little glass spoons to scoop out spoonfuls of tea and start tasting them. Do smell the tea before drinking and smell the spoon or the glass cup upon tasting for the lingering aroma.


Never had so much tea in one single seating before but as an avid tea drinker, I’ve totally enjoyed the trip to Yoshan Tea.

Before you leave, head over to their gift shop to purchase some tea for your loved ones.


The packaging of these tea are just too elegant and I ended up buying some home. ❤

y32y33They have pretty interesting tea sets too. If you look closely, the piggy below can be inverted to be a tea cup!y34y35I love this set of tea cups. They are so classy.

y36Overall, I spent a wonderful afternoon at Yoshan Tea. Not only have I learnt the processes of tea harvesting, I have also managed to roast my very own packet of tea. It is definitely worth trying it out for yourself when you are in Nantou, Taiwan.


Estimated duration: 3 hours (The DIY activity takes about 2 hours.)

Opening Hours: 9am to 5.30pm (Daily)

Price Range: Free admission from 1 May 2015. The DIY tea leaves roasting activity is NTD400 (SGD17) per pax.

Address: 19, Yanping Road, Zhushan Township, Nantou County, Taiwan (Refer to their Facebook page here)

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  1. Interesting post! Oolong tea is so yummy! If we find ourselves in Taiwan we will have to go.
    How did your tea taste??

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