Tourist Attractions in Nantou, Taiwan 【台湾南投旅游景点推荐】 – Cycling in Puli, Paper Dome and Solas Hot Spring Resort – 不分區國際光點計畫

This post brings me to the second part of my Day One Nantou trip in Taiwan. Read the previous post on Checheng Station and Xiangshan Visitor Center here.

[Itinerary for Nantou Trip (Day 1 – Part 2)]

Cycling with 545 Bike Company in Puli (“顺骑自然脚踏车租赁”埔里骑单车体验) →→ Paper Dome (纸教堂) →→ The Solas Hot Spring Resort (天泉温泉会馆)
63Let’s go cycling! ❤

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Cycling in Puli with 545 Bike Company (“顺骑自然脚踏车租赁”埔里骑单车体验)

Honestly speaking, I am terrible at cycling so I was really worried when I received the itinerary. However, be rest assured that it is not stressful cycling in Puli (埔里), Nantou at all as the streets are wider and there are much lesser cars as compared to Taipei. What’s more, you get to see the beauty of Puli in the most natural and environmentally-friendly way.

We arrived at the 545 Bike Company (顺骑自然脚踏车租赁) in Puli at around 2.30pm. cycling1Thereafter, we started choosing our own bicycles. The bicycles here look really clean and new.

cycling2After selecting the bicycles, we cycled to a nearby park, the Experimental Forest of the National Chung Hsing University (国立中兴大学演习林). 36Over here, the friendly guide, A-Hao (阿豪) briefed us on the cycling route and the history of the park.

37As my bike was carrying the first-aid kit, I was being conferred the title of a little nurse (小护士) by the super nice boss, A-kei (阿凯). a-keiWe also took loads of photos over here.38After the first stop, we cycled through different plantations. Trust me, you will definitely feel relaxed cycling in Puli, especially when you feel the gentle breeze brushing across your skin, watch the crops dancing in the wind and hear the rustling leaves on the trees. 42We also stopped over at the Black Forest (黑森林). This is a really scenic place, ideal for wedding photography.

40Thanks Kyle for the photo below! 🙂 41Next up, you will also be cycling past a farm for cattle herding.

43This is the stop that I really liked and it is the Baohu Dimu Temple (宝湖宫天地堂地母庙). It is a magnificent temple. 44Thereafter, we started cycling back to 545 Bike Company. The entire expedition took us about 3.5 hours.

All in all, I must say that I was pretty excited from this cycling expedition as I don’t usually cycle in Singapore and I definitely wouldn’t get to see such sights in Singapore. I certainly enjoyed the ride through the lush green plantations.

We took another group photo before we left to mark the completion of the cycle through the Southeast region of Puli township. They do offer guided tours to the Northwest region of Puli as well. More details are available on their website.

c1Estimated duration: 3 – 4 hours

Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm (Daily)

Price Range: Between NTD120-300 (SGD5-13) for half-day rental (4 hours); between NTD150-350 (SGD6.50-15) for full-day rental (8 hours) and; between NTD250-450 (SGD10.80-19.50) for overnight rental (24 hours). The prices depend on the model of the bicycle that you have chosen. As you can see, the rental fee is really affordable.

Address: 119, Dong Rong Road, Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

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Paper Dome (纸教堂) 46 credit:

There is a long story behind this Paper Dome in Nantou’s Taomi Village, which traces back to the Kobe Earthquake on 17 January 1995. Apparently, this Paper Dome was built as a temporary structure by internationally acclaimed Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban, to serve as a temporary church for the Takatori Catholic Church after the church was destroyed during the earthquake. However, as years passed, they planned to build a permanent building and decided to donate the structure to the Taomi Village which had suffered from the devastation of the 921 Earthquake. Thereafter, this Paper Dome became a popular tourist destination in Puli, Nantou.

Check out the amazing photos taken at the Paper Dome. This place looks wonderful both in the day and at night.
47 - is an area where you can sit down and admire the structure of the building. The videos on the history and architecture of the Paper Dome are played in loop so that visitors can get a better understanding of this place.

Try sitting on benches made from giant paper tubes – don’t worry, they are really stable!

50This is a place where you will be awed by beautiful architectural forms. You will also be happy to just spend time having some little desserts in the cafe.

Estimated duration of stay: 1.5 hours

Opening Hours: 9am to 8pm (Sun-Fri) and 9am to 9pm (Sat and Public Holidays)

Admission fee: NTD100 (SGD4) per entry (Note: You will receive an NTD80 (SGD3.40) voucher to offset any purchase at the attraction.)

Address: 52-12, Taomi Lane, Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

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Solas Hot Spring Resort (天泉温泉会馆)

At the end of the day, we checked-in at the Solas Hot Spring Resort. Due to the massive production of flowers in Puli Township, the hot springs here are also known as the “hot springs of flowers (花之汤)”. The sodium bicarbonate springs are about 45 to 55 degree celsius and offers numerous health benefits such as improving blood circulation and relieving arthritis. 51This is the view that you wake up to in the morning. 🙂5253Take a stroll around the resort.5455Try out their outdoor hot springs too! 56We had this nano-milk bath in our hotel rooms too. 57Apparently, there are many benefits of soaking in nano-milk baths. It includes skin whitening, strengthening immunity and improving metabolism rates. 58Here is a picture of the room that we stayed in. It is a room for 4 pax.59The highlight of the room would certainly be this private hot spring big enough for a family of 4. 60I was really eager to try it out. Happy to be rewarded with a super silky pair of legs thereafter. ^^


(Note: There is no wifi in the room.)

Address: 37-1, Liyu Road, Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

This post concludes my Day One Nantou trip. I must say that the cycling expedition was truly unforgettable where I managed to explore the beauty of Puli in the most natural form.

In my next post, I will be sharing my paper-making experience at the Paper Artisan Store (纸匠工房) in Puli, Taiwan. 

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