[Singapore’s Travel Blogger] Artemis Garden, Taiwan 【台湾宜兰香草菲菲】

Artemis Garden is one of the most “sophisticated” farms in Taiwan. Don’t expect to see farm animals over here. However, be prepared to be delighted by its splendid European deco and the 5-star food and beverage. The DIY activity is really fun too!
artemis 1This is a place suitable for families or couples to chill out over the weekend. artemis 2The entrance fee for Artemis Garden is only NTD100 (around SGD4) and it can be used to offset any purchase within its premises i.e. for the F&B and merchandise etc. 🙂

Here is a map of the place!
artemis 3 (1)There are plants that you can see, smell and touch such as the chocolate peppermint plant in the picture below. Just brush your hand against the leaves and it will smell pretty chocolatey thereafter. artemis 3artemis 4This is the Artemis Garden Cafe. artemis 5The afternoon tea set is highly recommended. Many of the Taiwanese were there for it! I guess no one can resist good food. The prices for the afternoon tea sets range from NTD180 to 380 (approximately SGD8 to 16).
artemis 6 (1)And, this is the area where you can sit down and enjoy your food and drinks in tranquility. I really love the deco. artemis 6Spotted this cute Taiwanese family taking a selfie. This place really makes everyone feel ultra blissful. 🙂 artemis 8Cute little yellow birds on the trees.

artemis 7

After all the food, it is time to proceed to level 2 of Artemis Garden and take a stroll along the sky walk (天空步道).

artemis 9Look at how pretty it is. Great place for photo taking. artemis 10 I guess people who are into flowers will fall in love with this sky walk immediately.
artemis 11There is an area to chill out and read some books too. artemis 12 artemis 13Next, I had an opportunity to try out Artemis Garden’s DIY activity called Decoupage (蝶古巴特). You can create your own charms, potted plants and little pouches over here! I made a super pretty pouch for my mum! 🙂 artemis 14 artemis 15This is a very simple DIY activity that even kids can do. It makes use of nicely printed party napkins (or tissue paper), some glue and a normal hair dryer, and you will be able to create amazing designs on your pouches. Googled online and apparently, this is one of the most popular paper crafting techniques. ❤ Look, there are so many designs to choose from! artemis 16 artemis 17I like how the farms in Taiwan really encourages bonding through these fun hands-on activities! Here is the group of us, either bloggers or from the media (China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan), trying out this DIY. artemis 18 artemis 19artemis 20

And here comes the finished product. So proud of myself!

artemis 21I was certainly not the only satisfied one. Look at how happy we were! Smiling like little kids. artemis 22

Before you leave, don’t forget to visit their little gift shop.
artemis 23I bought two body mists (one lavender and one rose) because they smell and feel really good. Not too pricey as well. artemis 24

The scented charms are really popular too.

artemis 25This is a place that I will like to revisit, probably with my loved ones. artemis 26

 +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

Artemis Garden, Yilan, Taiwan 【台湾宜兰香草菲菲】

Address: No.650, Neicheng Road, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264, Taiwan

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm (Closed on Mondays)

Estimated duration of stay: 2 hours


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