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Have you seen this beauty gadget before?

1It is the Facial Fitness Pao which is made in Japan and available at all Aibi Singapore outlets. [Exclusive promotion code to purchase this Facial Fitness Pao below.] Being a big fan of all sorts of beauty gadgets (I believe that there is nothing without trying), I have tested out various products in the market. This Facial Fitness Pao is one of the most interesting gadgets I have tried thus far and I would like to review about it and share with you the results that I have seen after one month. 🙂

First up, all Facial Fitness Paos come in a really chic box. 3 4In case you are wondering, the colourful oval-shaped things are weights! You could select the weights according to the level of difficulty you are looking at. The rose gold weights are the heaviest whereas the green ones are the lightest. 5 One thing I really like is that this beauty gadget comes with a pouch to carry it around! Makes it so convenient to bring it around when I travel. (I am travelling around pretty often these days.) Moving on to the interesting part about how to use it. Honestly speaking, when I first saw the publicity video of the Facial Fitness Pao, my first thought was that this gadget must be really hard to use. I mean, you have to stuff it inside your mouth and keep nodding with it for 30 secs; twice a day. What if I can’t even do it for 5 sec?

how to pao2

But then again, if those models in the advertisements are able to do it at ease, then all of us should be able to do it too right?

So, after using it for one month. I must say that it is really not that hard after all. The first few times, you may be struggling with it, trying to keep the Facial Fitness Pao sturdy in your mouth and thinking why you bought it in the first place but thereafter, it will be a breeze. In fact, from the third day onward, I started enjoying this daily mini exercise. It just became a really fun activity every morning before work and every night before bed time. ❤

Here’s a step-by-step pictorial guide of how to use this Facial Fitness Pao.

(1) Make sure that the Facial Fitness Pao is properly placed in the mouth (at the start, use a mirror to guide you). The mouthpiece is specially designed to trained the muscles around the mouth.

aibi6(2) Start nodding! There should be a strain around your mouth and your neck. I am using the heaviest weights as I would like to see quicker results. 🙂 aibi

(3) You just need 30 seconds each time (i.e. one minute per day) and you are done! One step closer to a slimmer face! 🙂

aibi2It took 4.5 years of product development for this Facial Fitness Pao to be launched. This device is proven to be able to apply the optimum pressure to train the facial muscles. As such, there are many benefits of using the Facial Fitness Pao. (1) Face lifting (2) Anti-aging (3) Removing smile lines aka the nasolabial folds (4) Raising the corners of the mouth benefitsbenefits2After one month, my face looks lifted (and therefore less tired-looking) and the lower half of my face looks narrower! The most amazing thing is that I can hardly see my smile lines now! It used to be pretty obvious! Can’t wait to see more results that this beauty device can bring! ❤ aibi5

P.S.: This product is endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo!89

+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

Facial Fitness Pao

Retail Price: $199 [Exclusive promo code for all my readers (JTPAO20): Enjoy 20% off the Facial Fitness Pao and the face and body massager, Refa Active with the above promo code at Deal Wellness website which means the Facial Fitness Pao will only be $159.20! Really worth it for effective face lifting effect in a healthy and natural way!] [Note: Promotion period has ended.]

Also available at all Aibi Singapore outlets.

Check out their Facebook Page too.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share with me your experiences on your Facial Fitness Pao below. ❤

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    • Yes! I didn’t really believe in it too! I’ve even seen some american videos laughing about it because the way to use it is so funny but it really works, surprisingly! ^^

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