[Pre-event] Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2014

The Longines Singapore Gold Cup dates back to 1924 and is one of the most prestigious horse racing events in Singapore.

Traditionally, the day of the event is also designated as the Annual Charity Race Day where donations will be made to charitable organisations. This year, a total of 25 beneficiaries will receive up to $1.5 million in donations. What a meaningful event!

I am honored to have received a blogger’s invitation to this big event that will be happening on 16 November 2014 at the Singapore Turf Club.

As part of the pre-event activity, I was sent with a unique invitation package consisting of a box and a big card.

Special credits go to the design team for the classy invitation card. This is how the card looks like when it is opened up.

Inside the box, lies a sophisticated black headpiece.

As a blogger, I was tasked to join the Singapore Turf Club in a little activity. This involves quite a fair bit of creativity as I had to design the headpiece. Although I love DIY (as seen from all my DIY activities in Taiwan with the Taiwan tourism board), I am really at a loss of idea for this headpiece because it already looks rather nice and I am worried that I might spoil it with any further decorations.

Nonetheless, I know that I can always count on my highly artistic sister! ❤ [Thanks to my dear sis for all her precious time shopping with me at Chinatown, purchasing the necessary items to decorate the headpiece.]

The first place that we went to was this handicraft shop named Golden Dragon Store (金龙商店) at People’s Park Centre. This is a very traditional handicraft shop and from what I remember, the shop has been located at this same spot since eons ago. I recall having visited this place when I was a kid and being fascinated by the large amount of beads and cloths that it carries. Glad that this shop is still here after all these years. Really brings back all the fond memories.

One of the joys from shopping here is listening to the aunties chatting practically about anything and everything under the sun while I am browsing through the wide variety of handicraft products.

With the variety of goods that the shop has, I am definitely not going away empty-handed. My sis saw this chain of flowers that looks really sweet and vintage and suggested that I should get this for the little black hat. We spent some time thinking which size we should get and eventually settled on the smaller flowers.

Well-packed and ready to source for other materials for the little headpiece.

Since we were at Chinatown, we thought that we might just check out Daiso at Chinatown Point to see if it has anything we wanted.

By now, the artistic direction for the little headpiece is clear. We want something that is sweet, elegant and has a vintage edge.

My sis is very focused when it comes to anything that is design-related. 🙂Over at Daiso, we bought a packet of white feathers and special glue, the handicraft bond.

With all the acquired items, it was time to kick start the actual design process of the headpiece.

The first step is to add in the white feathers.

Thereafter, the little chain of white flowers was bonded near to the rim of the hat.Everything was performed so methodically and with such great precision as though my sis has decorated many headpieces prior to this.

Within 15 minutes, the headpiece is completed! ❤

It is so unbelievably adorable right? The original black headpiece has been transformed into a black and white hat that feels rather couture to me (with a cutesy edge definitely). I can’t wait to put it on during the actual event at Turf Club.

Thanks for scrolling through the long account of the design process behind this little headpiece! ❤

One thing to note is that the Singapore Turf Club will be holding a private charity auction with a collection of 7 beautifully handcrafted hats on 16 November 2014 during the Charity Luncheon. I am all prepared to be blown away by those exquisitely designed hats.

And now, here is something for all my readers. From now on till 17 November 2014, you can participate in Singapore Turf Club’s “Share and Win” Facebook contest (Click here) to win the elegant Conquest Watch proudly sponsored by Longines.

longinesGood luck and do come back for more on the actual horse racing event!

Check out the official event website here.

Thanks to Singapore Turf Club for the exclusive event invitation! 🙂


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