Achieving a V-shaped Face with ClearSK

I have just turned 25. And when people say that 25 is the age where a woman needs to start taking care of herself more seriously, don’t just shrug it off. I have already seen unexpected weight gain and bigger pores. What’s worse, a disappearing jawline. Thanks to ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics for their signature V-Face Shaper treatments, I managed to get the frustrating problem of a missing jawline fixed. ❤
exteriorI was recommended to take up a one-month treatment programme with ClearSK, which includes 4 treatment sessions of V-Face Shaper and a complimentary medical consultation voucher with CSK Laser Aesthetic Clinic for skin and body health check. For 4 weeks in a row, I diligently headed down to the ClearSK branch at Velocity (Novena). I love the clean, simple and professional looking design of the place. 🙂entering shopClearSK offers a wide range of skincare and body shaping treatments that are personalised and prescribed by aesthetics experts to suit the unique make-up of each individual.
I am going to start with my treatment, the ClearSK V-Face Shaper (Accent Ultra V Face Facial Contouring Treatment). The V-Face Shaper is a non-invasive treatment that uses a combination of radio frequency and focused ultrasound waves to target sagging skin and cheeks, double chin and jawline, bringing about a slimmer and lifted face. The first step is a thorough cleansing of the face. My face must have been very oily and dirty as I came after an entire day of work.
treatment1Once my face was fully cleansed, a thick layer of vaseline was applied on my skin for protection.
treatment2And now, it is time for the machine to work some magic on my face and burn away the fats around my jawline using the ultrasound technology. As I have a super low pain threshold, I had to keep an eye of the next step and how the machine looks like to keep myself mentally prepared.treatment3Phew, it was not painful at all. It feels like a massage using an equipment that emits heat. To me, the heat felt rather comfortable. Together with the soft bed and thick blanket, I actually fell asleep until I heard a beep sound from the machine, meaning the fat burning process is complete. equipmentAs mentioned earlier, this treatment uses a combination of technologies – other than burning off fats with focused ultrasound technology, it also uses radio frequency to tighten and lift the skin after the fat burning. Best of all, the radio frequency technology helps in stimulating collagen production too, which is great to maintain youthful skin!

This feels like a second round of face massage as the head of the machine glides along my skin, feeling warm at the beginning and then leaving behind an icy cold sensation to cool down my skin at whichever area it passes.

Finally, after the completion of the fat-burning and face-lifting processes, a skin whitening mask was laid out on my face. For your information, my face didn’t turn red at all. (I mean, just look at the photos above, no redness i.e. no downtime.)treatment6And, I am done! Take a look at the before and after photos. My jawline is visibly more defined and my face looks smaller! The entire session is highly relaxing too.

beforeandafterAfter the session, you wouldn’t have to worry about going around with a flushed face as the treatment is non-invasive. For me, I just applied some concealer and I walked out of the centre.
atcskClearSK is the first medi-aesthetics centre in Singapore to have this no-needle face slimming treatment. It is safe, painless, non-invasive and provides results in fat reduction, skin tightening and facial contouring. Each session is priced at $220 and you would typically need at least four sessions to see more visible and lasting results. A single session takes only around 30 minutes. Give it a try to achieve a celebrity’s v-shaped face!
Thanks ClearSK and Samplestore for the wonderful experience! (Thanks to my 2 pretty and professional beauticians at ClearSK too!)
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ClearSK Aesthetics 


(1) Novena Medical Centre (2) Orchard Central (3) Velocity (4) Toa Payoh Central (5) Jurong East (6) Tampines Central

[6 other branches in the pipeline]

Enquiry Hotline: (65) 6100 6868


I will be sharing about the Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2014 organised by the Singapore Turf Club  in my upcoming post. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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