Exploring Taiwan’s New Taipei City – Tamsui Part II 【探索台湾新北市 – 淡水II】

Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf has been raved as one of Taipei’s best places to catch the most beautiful sunset. This makes it a place where you can find lovey-dovey couples taking a stroll and enjoying the breeze at the Danshui riverside.


fisherman6One of the icons at the Fisherman’s Wharf is none other than the Lover Bridge. [Note: My two friends from Malaysia’s travel magazines are attempting to get the best shot of the bridge.]



fisherman2Beside the bridge, there is this little corner where couples can hang their love letters to each other.


IMG_9438fisherman4This is part of the scenery that you will see when you stroll along the bridge.


fisherman5Over the past few years, Taiwan’s tourism board has been revamping this entire area. Fisherman’s Wharf is now lined with pretty little boutiques and cafes. The cafe shown in the picture below, Fishgoodies Cafe (鱼藏文化咖啡) offers a great view of the Danshui River.


wharf1The interior of the cafe is very well-furnished too. You could easily spend the whole afternoon there.


IMG_9485IMG_9484IMG_9490wharf2I ordered a drink called Purple Affection and it contains grapes, yogurt and milk. Yum yum. ❤


wharf4There were a few groups of youngsters chilling in the cafe when I was there.


wharf3After the drink, I walked out to enjoy the sunset together with my Malaysian friends and we spotted a pretty “Dulux dog” (the old english sheepdog).


fisherman's wharfIf you are the kind who enjoys a relaxing and slow-paced overseas trip, Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf is definitely a place that you would want to add to your itinerary.


+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

Tamsui Hotel Day Plus 【淡水承億文旅】

It has been a while since I have stayed in such a modern and vibrant looking hotel. This hotel in Tamsui, the Hotel Day Plus or Hotel Day + (淡水承億文旅) definitely deserves two thumbs up. ❤


aboutDec(Photo courtesy of Hotel Day Plus)

Before stepping into the hotel, you will be greeted by this big white mascot that looks like a hippo. It is called Han Ji (憨吉). There is a story behind this cute little creature, Han Ji. Basically, he has left his home in search of the long forgotten dreams that people have. In his opinion, everyone has wonderful dreams and should never give up on these dreams. Interestingly, this huge mascot doubles up as a letter box too! (Scroll down for more details.)

踏进饭店之前,你会看到一只白色的、长得很像河马的吉祥物。他的名字是憨吉。在他可爱的外表背后,其实有着一段很有意义的故事呢!话说憨吉离开了他的家,开启了一段旅程 —- 寻找人们早已遗忘的梦想之旅。对可爱的憨吉而言,人们的梦想都是伟大的,不应该轻言放弃。很特别的是,憨吉也能充当邮筒!(继续读下去就知道了!)

IMG_6955I stepped into the modern-looking and brightly lit hotel lobby.


IMG_6763IMG_6762Computers are available at the lobby.


IMG_6768Right after I have done my check-in, I was informed that I would need to play a little game. And, that little game is just like the escape room games that I have tried in Singapore (I have been to Escape Hunt Singapore, Trapped SG and Exit Plan so I am pretty seasoned when it comes to escape room games).

However, since everything is in Traditional Chinese characters and I am the only person playing the escape game this time round, I told the manager that I would try my best, hoping that I would not bring shame to the Singaporean bloggers, considering that I am the only SG blogger to experience a night’s stay at this hotel.


game1I ploughed through the clues along the way and thanks to the manager’s kind guidance, I managed to solve the case. She commented that I was very fast. Well, I guess it really helps if you have some experience at these games. All in all, it was great fun running around the hotel. What a unique experience!


Thereafter, it was time to explore my room. I have been waiting for this moment as I was told by my Taiwanese friends that the rooms in this hotel are very well-decorated and even they themselves hope to have a chance to stay here.

I held my breath as I tapped my room card on the sensor. I gently opened the door and yes, I was impressed.




I stayed in a Deluxe Room and it is priced at NTD5000 a night (SGD215).


IMG_6884Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. There is indeed a bath tub right beside the bed. This hotel adopts an open bath tub concept.


IMG_6892However, they do provide alternatives for the less adventurous hotel guests. *PHEW*


cytoiletI love how chic this hotel room looks. Definitely an inspiration for my future home.

客房的设计给了我设计灵感 —- 我喜欢这里的摆设品和高雅的格调。

room3 IMG_6882After snapping photos of the room, I went down to Madhatter Coffee (疯帽子咖啡) located just beside the hotel lobby.


IMG_6939This cafe is spacious and it certainly makes a good hang out place with your friends over a cup of coffee.


IMG_6940I had coffee and strawberry condensed milk waffle. ❤


IMG_6913IMG_6906The next morning, I woke up early to pack my luggage as it was the final day for my short 4D3N trip to explore the New Taipei City. I also allocated sufficient time to write on the postcard below. Yes, this is the mascot of the hotel, Han Ji, once again.

You will receive this postcard from the concierge after you have checked-in at the hotel.



letterThere I go, focusing on what I write as this would be a letter to myself one year later aka 给一年后的自己的信.


IMG_6921Once I was done writing the postcard, I carefully filled in my home address and I headed to the big white mascot located right outside the hotel. (There you go, mystery solved.)


letter2I gently dropped the postcard into the creature’s mouth and I am done! The hotel will be sending out your postcard one year later. I am already full of anticipation~ Hope to get it soon! ❤


[UPDATE: I received my postcard on 6 October 2015, exactly one year after I sent out the postcard to myself. Totally felt like crying when I saw the card. Thank you so much, Tamsui Hotel Day Plus! You can’t imagine how much this means to me.]

This hotel is located right within Tamsui, near to the Fisherman’s Wharf. You can also take the Red 26 bus (红26) to any other attractions within Tamsui such as the Fort San Domingo etc.


I was doing some background research of the Chan Yee Hotel group (承億饭店集团) and they have really pretty hotels in Chiayi, Taichung, Taitung and Tainan too. Something to consider if you will be travelling to different parts of Taiwan.


Hotelday+ Tamsui【淡水承億文旅 – 淡水吹风】

Address: No. 27, Shalun Road, Tamsui, New Taipei City

Room prices start from NTD2200 (SGD95).

http://www.hotelday.com.tw/# (Hotel booking can be done at this website)

+   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

This post marks the completion of my 4D3N tour of the New Taipei City in Taiwan. All in all, I have introduced 3 amazing hotels for your consideration the next time you travel to Taiwan. Click on the links below to the two other hotels. Thanks for reading! ❤


Jinshan and Wanli: Jin Yong Quan Spa Hotspring Resort 【金湧泉温泉会馆】

Danshui (Tamsui): Aroma Hotel 【淡水大自然养生会馆】 


Thanks to the New Taipei City Tourism Board for extending the invitation to my blog, Follow My Wanders. Proud to be the official Singapore blogger for the event in Taiwan, “Have fun in New Taipei City”.

由衷感谢新北市觀光旅遊局诚意邀请我,担任唯一新加坡旅游部落客,通过「自在旅行 新北好行」活动推荐新北市好去处和住宿。


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  1. Hello, I love Taiwan too. I am from France and I did my exchange program in Taiwan during 6 months. And those were my most memorable time! Your posts remind me of great moments that I had there.
    Xiexie Ni 🙂

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